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Is Sensa Safe? - The Sprinkle Diet

8/17 14:48:56

In the wee hours of the early morning I was flipping through the television stations.  I always like to stop on the latest info-commercial to see what kind of crap they are peddling.  A product to make me wealthy? Skinny? Or maybe it would be a new way to enlarge my penis?  Those are the usual things.  This time I saw a lady sprinkling something on her food.  I watched some more.  Amazing!  A product you can sprinkle on your food and it causes you to feel full without eating as much as normal.  The name of this product was Sensa but I had to wonder is Sensa safe?    

Is it safe? - You decide

Sensa somehow triggers a reaction in the brain and this reaction tells the person they are full.  What part of the brain controls hunger?   An area of the brain called the hypothalamus controls hunger signals.  I do believe it is possible to inhibit the hungry signals in the hypothalamus.  But is that the smartest thing to do?  What happens if a person uses Sensa everyday for a year or more, will there be side effects?  Will their hunger controls be messed up once they decide to stop using this hunger control product?  Furthermore, the hypothalamus not only controls hunger but also controls:  Fluid intake and balance, thirst, body heat, and the sleep cycle, will using Sensa have any effect on these important functions?  I would have to think so.

Also when trying to determine if Sensa was safe I decided to look up what Sensa was made from. I found the ingredients are Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Carmine, Soy and Milk ingredients.  There are a couple concerns such as the Maltodextrin ingredient and its connect with MSG (which is a very nasty chemical).  However, the source of the Maltodextrin used needs to be considered before this negative connection can be made. 

Is Sensa Safe? - My conclusion

Sensa is not approved by the FDA.  As far as the ingredients go, I do not see necessarily toxic ingredients, actually the ingredients of Sensa are found in most junk foods.  But I wonder, if Sensa contains only these ingredients and these ingredients are found in the commonly junk foods we eat such as potato chips, why can’t we just crush up some potato chips and sprinkle them on our food and get the safe hunger satisfying effect?  Is there something else in Sensa that is not disclosed?  On to a much more real concern.

Sensa effects a part of the brain called the hypothalamus?  Is fooling around with your brain physiology the smartest thing to do?  I have to tend to think does not have a specific action.  Meaning I tend to think Sensa will have a effect on all areas of the hypothalamus, not just the area that controls hungry but also the areas that control:  Fluid intake and balance, thirst, body heat, and the sleep cycle.  And questions remain about what happens once you discontinue using Sensa after extended use?   Is Sensa safe, I am undecided as to whether Sensa is safe.  I personally believe there is no magic pill or “sprinkle” for weight loss if you have the desire to lose weight then you need to educate yourself on dieting and exercise through a proven weight loss diet.


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