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Sweatin To The Oldies

8/17 14:48:23

Sweatin To The Oldies

Looking for a great exercise program that despite its age has not gone out of style? Sweatin To The Oldies is one of those workout programs!

Dedicated to helping even the most overweight, unmotivated person to achieve their ultimate weight loss goal, Richard Simmons is a pioneer in his field. For most of his life, Richard has advocated for losing weight in a healthy way vs. unhealthy ways such as diet pills etc.

Richard Simmons used to be overweight himself. Struggling with obesity as a child, and topping off the scales at 268 in his adult life, Richard turned to diet pills which wreaked havoc on his body, causing him premature hair loss. Since then, his push for healthier alternatives has been at the forefront of his weight loss training.

Aside from the many achievements in his life, Richard developed the home workout program called "Sweatin To The Oldies." This workout incorporates 80's music (and a few 90's songs) into a workout that is so fun, it almost seems like you are not exercising at all. The act of constantly moving (well, its almost like just dancing) mixed with Richard's highly motivational encouragement has caused numerous people to finally achieve their weight loss goals.

The original Sweatin to the Oldies series consisted of 5 individual workouts. Each one ranging from 35 to 45 minutes in length. Within the last few years however, a complete set of all the workouts have been released in one dvd set which totals about 355 minutes in length and costs under $30, which is a great value in my opinion.

Some of the songs within the set are:

It's My Party

Peggy Sue

Great Balls of Fire

Wipe Out

My Boyfriend's Back

Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Big Girls Don't Cry

Mony Mony

Proud Mary

Devil with the Blue Dress On

The Wanderer

Even after all the years that Sweatin to the Oldies has been out, you might find the facts below to be pretty amazing (as I did as well). Sweatin to the Oldies is rated #1,819 in Movies and TV on Amazon's Best Sellers Rank. On that same site, it is ranked #12 in Movies, DVD, Sports, and #35 in Movies, DVD, Exercise and fitness. Wow!

This is pretty amazing to me because it shows that it is still hugely popular, and people continue to purchase this workout despite all of the newer workouts that have been released in the last several years.

So as you may agree, despite the fact that this workout program may be on the older side, Sweatin to the Oldies is still one of the better ones, and one that many people have turned to in an attempt to achieve their weight loss goals!

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