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Best Way To Build Muscle Mass - 7 Tips To Build Muscles

8/17 14:48:21

Have you noticed lately, it has become a fashion for everyone to build muscles. The truth is, you want to lose fats to build strong lean muscles. With age, and this is from 25, as you grow, you gain fats while you lose muscles. Fats makes you ugly , so what we need to do here is to reverse the tide. What do i mean? As you age, you need to lose fat and build muscles. I know you are asking yourself, what are the benefits? i will tell you in a sec, if you are patient, after all, what the hurry for? Good. This is the point, fatness brings with itself obesity. If you are overweight, you are inviting all forms of illnesses, you have heard mentioned. You do not want to be a victim of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases, just to mention but a few. So, when you lose all those belly fats, stubborn belly fats as refered in some quarters, all around your waistline, you are headed to losing weight and as a result, build muscles.

Let us go to the meat part of it of how to build muscles.

  • Eating Habits:

I would recommend lean red meat and fish. Salmon carries high amounts of omega 3. Lean meat contains protein which will increase the muscle building. Eat as much as you could, these carries no fats, they are healthy.

  • Use Supplements:

Glutamine and creatine are very good if you have them in your diets. Especially when you are working out, they will enhance muscle growth.

  • Avoid Aerobics:

Aerobics are known to be very good for cardio form of exercise, but not for muscle building. So, keep them off.

  • Weight Training:

This is where you subject your body to resistance, but you have to tell it, no!, let us move and build muscles. You have to force yourself to lift. However, start small, and progress and make sure there is some resistance, if not, you are just wasting time and wont build muscles. Plan how many sets you want to do, until you feel, you cannot do any more. At that point in time, it calls for a break for your body to recover. As you do these sets, have a brief moment for break, maybe a minute or two. Just to remind you, start with a warm up every time you go for work out to prepare your body, and also when you finish, stretch out to cool down. You do not want to have a an abrupt stop. Have you, stepped on your break pedal of your car, suddenly? how did you like it? I am sure it is not the best experience, likewise, even for your body, cool down gradually and start off gradually, not full blast of acceleration.

  • Dumbbells:

They are known to be the best due to their increased range of motion compared to other tools of exercise. They give you an opportunity to affect different type of muscles as you train, not just one type of muscle. Is that not cool, one size which fits all. You also save on cost, you do not have to have different for different muscles.

  • Have Resting Period:

This is very crucial, and cannot be over emphasized. When you work very hard, you become very tired, and hit it, like i ever told you to do it. This is not the end of the story, tomorrow is just around the corner. Have a break to have your body recover from the fatigue, and to let any muscles torn to be repaired. However, the fun part, during the recovery, it is the time you build muscles. What does it mean, no rest, no muscle build up. Do you work 24X7?; No. Just 8 hours and have break to prepare for tomorrow.

  • Do Your Maximum:

We are all different in capabilities and have our limits. However, force yourself to the maximum. Unless you force your body to do much more, it will never tell you it is ready for anything. As you do your sets and reps with given weights, start from somewhere, even if it means recording in journal do it to your progress. With time, you will do more, feel better and build more muscles. That is the point.

These are just but a few tips that will help you build muscle mass and within a short time, you will be amazed by the results.

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