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The Health Benefits Of Fruits & Vegetables

8/17 14:48:03

The Health Benefits Of Fruits & Vegetables

Health Benefits Of Fruits & Vegetables

Introducing more fruits and vegetables as part of your daily healthy eating plans can increase your chances of losing weight, and will ultimately lead you towards a more improved lifestyle.

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are healthy for us. Many are even known to reduce the risk of certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, infections, high blood pressure and even cancer. But, the most obvious nutritional facts have some how gotten lost. These facts can help with the weight loss process and help you achieve a more balanced diet.

We will start with the fundamentals:

• They are high in Vitamins & Minerals.

• They are Low in Calorie

• Most are Low in Fat

• Many are High in Fiber

• They are easy to prepare and can be eaten during any meal & make great snacks

• There are many formats to choose from, they can be eaten raw, cooked, dried or juiced.

What does this Mean to You, And How Will it Help You Lose Weight?

If you have ever struggled with your weight, if you have had that sluggish feeling and if you have ever felt as if you were just too tired to make it through the day, chances are you were probably lacking in some type of Vitamin or Mineral. Spinach, peppers, carrots and kale are all high in Vitamin A. Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes & Lima Beans are all great sources of Potassium. Kiwi, strawberries, mangoes and as we all know, oranges are loaded with Vitamin C. By increasing your intake of these foods, you increase your consumption of these valuable vitamins & minerals, which will make you feel energized. When you feel energized, chances are you will want to increase your activity.

Replacing certain high calorie foods with lower calorie choices will help lower your overall daily caloric intake. Your body needs to consume less calories than it is burning so that you can begin the weight loss process. A rule of thumb, fill your plate with 50% color (or greens) before adding your lean (or meat). The more natural colors you have on your plate, the lower calories, the lower fat you will be ingesting.

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. Fiber not only helps with your digestive track and helps keep you regular, it also helps fills you up. The fuller you feel, the less you eat.

There are many different ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Spinach can be used in breakfast omelets instead of cheese, dried fruit is a healthy alternative for a snack instead of potato chips. Add string beans and grilled asparagus as a side to the chicken, instead of pasta. There are even many easy healthy dessert recipes that can be made with berries and tropical fruits. The possibilities are endless.

As with any regimen, there will always be choices that need to be made. Now, armed with the information on nutrition for diet, just remember that you have the power to make the healthy choice.

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