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Obesity Health Risks -the Dangerou Truth

8/17 14:47:20

Obesity is brought about by being overweight; weighing more than necessary. It does not chose whether it is a child or an adult, it is common to all. So, when you get to this kind of status, it affects your healthy dangerously. For your information, health and weight strongly relate to one another. Your chance of getting a disease increases as you gain weight. Lately, obesity has been closely been linked with more than 30 medical conditions which put your healthy at risk. It is not necessarily, gaining a whole lot, but even ten or twenty extra pounds can accelerate the risk of getting a disease which may result to death. Here below, i will highlight some effects of obesity among others.

  • High Blood Pressure:

This is one effect of being obese. Statistics show that about 40% - 70% of human beings suffering from high blood pressure are due to the effects too much weight, or rather, being obese. When you are overweight, this is an indication of accumulating a lot of fats in your body. So, one of the solutions to overcome this problem is to lose the fats in your body. How do you do it? Exercise, feeding right by avoiding junk foods and drinking plenty of water. You will increase the rate of metabolism which means , your body will burn those fats, and finally reducing weight.

  • Heart Disease:

The other obesity health risk is heart diseases. A bigger percentage, over 50% of deaths is a result of heart diseases, which is a major killer for both women and men. One thing you should keep checking is your BMI, which is Body Mass Index. You do not want to be in the overweight range, this would increase heart disease, as compared to people whose BMIs is in the healthy weight range.

  • Blood Cholesterol:

This another effect of suffering from obesity. The cholesterol levels in your body is negatively affected. For your information, there are two types of cholesterol, good and bad. They are HDL, for High Density Lipoprotein and LDL, for Low Density Lipoprotein respectively. HDL helps to protect your heart while LDL, accelerates risk of a heart disease.

  • Diabetes:

Overweight, obesity and abdominal fats increase the risk of diabetes. Being overweight significantly, increases diabetes risk. Studies have shown that, the risk increases about twenty-five percent for every unit increase in BMI over 22. If overweight is your enemy number one, what should you do you do? You will not just seat there and start crying. It comes in handy, the first thing you need to do is lose weight, and all your problems will be gone. If you ever tried to do a research, you will find that, most of the illnesses are due to obesity or overweight for that matter. It is reversible if you are serious and you could handle it very easily before it become a life threatening issue.

  • Cancer:

Recent studies from National Cancer Institute, has shown that, over twenty percent of all cancer is associated to overweight. It also increases the risk of breast cancer after menopause because of estrogen hormone which comes from body fat.

In fact, the only way to reduce obesity healthy risk is by cutting down your weight and you will lead a healthy life. I have already mentioned some ways you could avoid obesity. So, if are you ready to keep off obesity healthy risks for good, this is the time and you will never regret.


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