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Starting & Losing The Weight

8/17 14:47:00

Starting & Losing the Weight

Many of us talk about losing weight especially around this time of year. A study has showed that half of Americans that would like to lose weight. Getting this done can be a challenge.

So Why is Hard ....

Well one reason could be your surroundings that you can't control, like at work, you may be surrounded by temptations like vending and soda machines and what about when your at home, you may still have all that junk in the cabinets, draws, or even the pantry that you had just bought for the kids or for the big kid of the house (LOL). So what do you do about it, well it's call having SELF CONTROL and SUPPORT SYSTEM in place.

How to Get Started .....

Getting started is really all based of what diet you are planning on doing but most if not all will tell you that the sweets need to be gone and also you need a good support system in place, like family members, coworkers, or close friends who understand what you're doing and are willing to participate to help you through your journey. Even though you now have your support you don't have to go to a gym (even though that is nice), your can do it all from the comfort of your home.

Now after you have your support in place first you need to be willing to replace unhealthy foods with healthier choices. Then you would want to start by monitoring how much food you intake, you can do this by writing down what you consume or an app off of your iPhone or smartphone, and you can weight your food too, to track what you are eating also. Even while your at work you can still watch what you eat, cause you don't have to have that McDouble from McDonald's or that Whopper from Burger King, etc. you can pack a health lunch to take to work or if you have to go get your lunch from some where just take your time and look or even ask. So just watch and monitor your food intake.

Next thing you would want to do is start a lifestyle change, like start walking either in the mornings before going into work at lunch or after you get work. You even would want to limit how much T.V. and computer time too and instead of sitting there maybe (again you don't have to have a gym to go to) getting up and out of the house and walk around your block or go to the park. Any where you can go to do a little exercise is better than spending all that time in front of the T.V. or computer.

Just sit down a schedule yourself a exercise routine and stick to this cause the more you are active the better and trust me getting started on this isn't going to be easy, but you can do this and for long it will be part of your daily routine.

Next you would need is plenty of sleep. You don't need to stay up to watch that late night show or movie cause believe it or not sleep is part of your weight lose too. Getting sleep may help you to lose weight, studies have show that not getting enough sleep may alter your hormones that make you hungrier. So if you really have to watch that late T.V. show then how about you just record it on your DVD or over the weekend catch up on it on Hulu, just my opinion.

The last thing you would want to do is set yourself a goal, and don't make it a big goal go small at first cause if you set them too high you will be guaranteed to fail. Weight loss is hard to achieve (if your doing this with no trainer or gym) if you keep feeling like a failure you might be wanting to quit. So set yourself reasonable goal at first, depending on your eating habits,genetics, exercise, and metabolism this going to be different for each person. Just pick things you know you'll achieve so you're always be successful. It can be as small as you like, as long as it's reachable for you.

Then before you know it and are willing to stick to it you are going to start losing weight and even have change your daily routine and maybe even your family's, and during this whole new change you will have some bad days but you have to push through them cause in the end what is more important to you. You losing the weight and reaching your goal you've reach or just giving in and falling back into your old habit's and life style, the choice is yours, so find out what will work for you and shoot for your goal this year and good luck.

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