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Weight Loss Tips To Get Started Today

8/17 14:46:57

Where are you now?

Self-analysis should always be at the top of any list of weight loss tips. Why? It’s extremely important to know where you are right now, in order to help you better understand where you want to be and what’s the best path for you to take to get there. A good place to start is with a food journal. Keep track of everything you eat throughout the day, the portion size and caloric intake.

After a week of journaling, sit down and see what your habits are. Think about changes you can make to your diet or ways you can increase your activity. At the same time, consider your overall health. Do you have a health problem, like high blood pressure or diabetes, and a doctor is telling you to make lifestyle changes? Are you feeling more tired than usual or your clothes no longer fit the same? Think about your motivations for losing weight and set achievable realistic goals.

Change How You Eat

Making dietary changes is not easy. If you are used to purchasing the same things or have your own personal go-to recipes, changing can seem like an uphill battle. A great place to start is to seek out new recipes and get inspired. Go online and search for new recipes to try or head to your local library and take inspiration from cookbooks or magazines.

If you’re not a cook, find a friend who is and see if they will give you a lesson in the basics. Get in the kitchen and try a few recipes. Keep an open mind if you are trying new foods, and let go of your expectations. Go into each new meal with a willingness to try it and a willingness to like it, and if in the end you don’t, try something different.

Get moving

When you are looking to shed some pounds, one of the most important weight loss tips is to get moving. Increasing your activity level so that you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming is essential. Restrictive diets can be difficult to maintain, so it’s best to strike a balance with a healthy, yet satisfying diet, and an overall increase in your physical activity.

Buy an inexpensive pedometer and start tracking your daily steps. Once you get a baseline, see how you could add more walking to your day. Take the farthest parking spot when running errands or leave half of your lunch break for taking a brisk walk after you’ve eaten. You may find that you enjoy this change of pace and that it gives you more energy to try new physical challenges.

Additional Weight Loss Tips

Two other important weight loss tips: don’t get discouraged and believe in yourself. Setbacks are inevitable, so just always remember that it’s not about the fall from the wagon, but about how quickly you get back on it. Know that you have it in yourself to try the very next day after a failure and you’ll prove to yourself that to stumble is not the beginning of the end, but just a part of the process.

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