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Compete To Lose Weight: Sign Up For A Road Race!

8/17 14:46:56

As you continue embarking on your journey of running to lose weight, consider signing up for a road race. In fact, I strongly recommend you do that even if you do not think you are ready for it: Remember, tomorrow never comes. Jump in the action!

From signing up for a road race, your runs will gain purpose: You will not want to fall behind your regiment when you have the additional weight of having money invested in a road race. Again, these motivators are powerful tools!

The great thing about running a road race is the competition. But not just against others, but with yourself. All runners strive for the ubiquitous "PR" or personal record. Every time out we try to better our last score from the training we have completed prior to the day of the race. It does not matter at what skill level the runner is, you will hear nothing but "great job!" upon completion of a new PR. A runner's job is never done. Regardless of your time, you will want to train harder to improve your time for your next road race.

Along with competing against yourself, you are in a race with other people, after all! Although you may not be competing for any award (they have age award!), you can compete around whom you are running. Perhaps make friends with someone during the race and use that as "friendly competition" during the race to see who can outrun the other. Or keep trying to pass the next person up from you; use that as a game: How many people can I pass? Road races include a lot of excitement, from both on and off the roads: Feed of the crowd of spectators cheering you on!

Look online and see what road races will take place in your area. Sign up for one at a date convenient for you. Running is a competitive sport, both with yourself and others, and use the thrill of a road race to fuel the fire of burning calories and losing weight. See you at the finish line!

Thank you for reading my article! My name is Christian A. Lautenschleger, and I have founded http://starttoruntoday.com to help people lose weight by running. I write articles on subjects geared towards new running enthusiasts who are motivated by weight loss. To find more helpful information, please visit http://starttoruntoday.com.

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