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How Does Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight

8/17 14:46:53

How Does Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight

Organic coconut oil is a tropical oil composed of medium chain fatty acids (or medium chain triglycerides). This type of "medium" chain fatty acid is very unique in that it promotes weight loss. Not only is it good for weight loss, but for a long list of other medical conditions in which it helps to treat or even prevent. Coconut oil is something you want to do much research on to learn all the amazing medical and beauty benefits. It is also very popular among athletes and body builders, which I will describe next.

Research has proven that daily use of organic coconut oil in your diet is very beneficial for weight loss and overall good health. This is due to its unique composition of "medium" chain fatty acids making it easily digested and converted into energy. It's unlike other oils containing "long" chain fatty acids which are stored in the body as fat. The coconut oil does the opposite in that it is not stored as fat but in the muscle tissue where it's converted to energy. Nonetheless, it increases your energy and helps with endurance making it popular among athletes and body builders.

Many people seem to believe that it is very bad for your cholesterol and if you have a history of heart disease. This is entirely untrue since research has shown that it is not connected to heart disease. Dr. Oz's segment on one of his shows were dedicated to three of the many benefits of coconut oil: skin, weight, and ulcers. The saturated fats found in it are the "good" fats. He talked about how it's good for the skin in that it helps in treating acne, scars, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Then, he spoke of how it is good in promoting weight loss and finally, how it kills the bacteria that causes ulcers.

These saturated fats make it easily digested and helps the body to absorb nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It's also a great energy booster, increases the metabolism making you burn more calories, helps you to stay full longer, and gives you less food cravings during the day. These all are contributing factors for successful weight loss because when you have energy, you're more active, and when you have an increased metabolism, you're burning more calories. Also, when you are able to stay full longer and have less food cravings, you will eat less taking in fewer calories.

When starting, always introduce a little to your system at a time, then work your way up to the recommended dose needed for weight loss which is about 3 tablespoons per day. Coconut oil for weight loss really does work, but it won't work overnight. You must stick with it and always use organic coconut oil which is good for cooking and in solid form at room temperature. For good results, you can start with one tablespoon per day and then slowly work your way up to 2 to 3 tablespoons per day. It will not happen overnight, so patience is important.

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