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Getting Married Is Stressful - Beat The Stress At Fitness Bootcamp For Brides

8/17 14:46:35

As the recent television show, Bridal Bootcamp illustrated, brides to be are prepared to do just about anything to look amazing on their big day. They will follow any type of diet to reach their goal weight no matter how miserable it makes them.

But getting fit for your wedding should be fun!

If you join a fitness bootcamp centered around a theme you enjoy such as dancing or aerobics you will have fun as well as attain your goal weight. There is far too much negativity surrounding weight loss programs. Some of it is deserved as there are some diet programs that seem to be designed to make life as miserable as possible. I mean, who wants to live on watercress soup for a day never mind for a month?

Having fun and getting fit is not only possible but you can find the perfect place on your doorstep. There are plenty of different fitness bootcamps to choose from. Picking one you enjoy means you are more likely to attend the sessions. Having fun while exercising will help keep wedding nerves and stress under control and you are less likely to comfort eat.

Put what you learn into practice

Although you will have fun you will also have to work hard. Your job will be much tougher if you don't address how and what you eat at the same time as you start a new exercise regime. Exercising can make you hungry and some people will eat calorie laden junk foods after a workout. That defeats the object of the exercise. Instead have a bowl of homemade soup. You might not feel like hot soup after a workout but you can drink cold soups too without having to look at watercress! There are some fantastic summer soups recipes that are very easy to make. Properly made, home cooked soup should be a dieters best friend. It's low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. Or have some high quality protein such as a wholegrain turkey sandwich. Drink lots of plain water to rehydrate your system but also to fill you up. Avoid the carbonated type as it will cause bloating and the flavored type contains hidden calories.

Exercise on the days when you don't attend bootcamp

If you only go to fitness bootcamp three times a week, remember to exercise on the other days too. You can take up walking. Buy a pedometer and aim to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. Go swimming but make sure you swim lengths of the pool rather than just lazing about in the water planning your perfect day. Aqua aerobics is a good exercise as it helps to burn calories but is gentle on your muscles which may ache from your bridal bootcamp workout.

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