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Diets Dont Last Long

8/17 14:46:31

Diets Dont Last Long

There are an abundance of diet books that are available to purchase in bookstores or on line. It is no wonder that we remain bewildered by all the diets that exist and all claiming to be the next best thing. We have almost becoming swamped with special diet claims and weight loss advice that appears to be fairly conceivable to follow and promise the results that we crave for. Diets don’t last long because we are all have different feelings towards eating and foods, so it is clear that not all diets are going to be suited to everyone’s individual needs. People say I followed this diet and that diet and it did not work so I am going to try this one and this one and so it goes on.

When I hear the word diet, it immediately makes me think of food and I actually end up eating more food, not less. All diets promise that you will lose the weight if you follow them as they say. However with any given diet it’s the ‘if you follow the diet part’, that quickly becomes the problem. Most people might follow the diet for a few days or so, but then quickly get bored by its restrictions. They may lose some weight but this might not be sustainable long term because at some point a person may go back to their normal eating patterns of behaviour.

The truth is that if you followed the diet exactly and someone was able to monitor your eating completely, then the diet would work and you would lose weight. It is a scientific fact that if you restrict your calories on a consistent basis then you will lose the weight. Diets normally work by the use of restricting your intake of calories or fat intake in some way. It is the restrictive manner of diets that can conjure up unpleasant images for your brain of restrictive eating.

It would seem that the word diet is not a good word to use at all because diets basically stop you eating the foods that you want to eat. When you tell someone that you are dieting, it already begins to sound that you are apologising for this fact. Then once you have actually made the declaration that you are on a diet then you suddenly become more self aware of your eating, particularly when eating with friends or family. Its almost like you are just waiting for the favourite phrase to pop up ‘Oh you cant have the potatoes, your on a diet!

As people, we generally do not like to have restrictions placed on us, on what we can and cannot do. When we place this diet restriction upon ourselves then it becomes easy to rebel and we then might decide to stop the diet.

Once you have broken your diet that is a signal for your subconscious brain to take over your thoughts. It says things like ‘Well you did try, but never mind’ or Oh good, now I can eat that chocolate bar or I am definitely going to buy some chips.

The words you use can make a difference to your overall thinking about weight loss.

If you have negative feelings towards the word diet then do not use it. Abolish the word diet and use a phrase of your own which you feel more comfortable with. For instance a lot of people say they are going to eat healthy or are following a health plan. Following a health plan makes it sound like a sensible long term thing rather than saying I am on a diet that implies a temporary situation.

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