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Will Lifting Weights Help Me Lose Weight ? For The Women

8/17 14:45:48

Will Lifting Weights Help Me Lose Weight ? For The Women

Back in my days when I worked at a fitness studio a few things I heard over and over is will lifting weights help me lose weight all I do is cardio or I don't lift weights I don't want to look bulky . It never failed i heard it at least once a day . Well today i'm going to jump into it just a bit and tell you why you NEED TO START LIFTING TODAY so here we go


OK ladies listen here I need you to get this I don't wanna lift heavy because I don't wanna get bulky nonsense out of your head right now is it still in your head? Well get it out now and I mean right now . Pick up those heavy weight and do work . This is by far the biggest myth that is out there and let me tell you why. everywhere I look in the gym i will spot someone with 1lbs 5lbs or 10lbs weights just going to town with 20+ reps. That's awesome that's great your getting your heart rate up feeling a little burn you are doing great work building that muscle endurance . Its not really going to do much to get that strength up and get that nice toned look. I'm pretty sure that your muscle endurance isn't gonna help holding on to that growing child you may have. We all go grocery shopping those bags can get pretty stout that 5lb weight isn't really helping with that. so what does lifting heavy really do its going to build up your strength it'll help burn that layer of body fat that is sitting over your muscles you will start looking more toned and defined i mean isn't that reason we hit the gym ?

Oh and by the way that lady at the end of the gym that one that looks like a dude with biceps bigger than my head yeah the one you're afraid to look like shes more than likely taking ever supplement imaginable loading up her body with testosterone eats everything in site like today is the end of the world oh and has probably putting in years and years to look like that so trust me you wont look like her unless that's your goal then go for it


Absolutely as I touched on earlier just a bit let me tell you what happens when you lift heavy. Main thing is you'll start torching away that body fat lifting heavy will increase muscle and the muscle will start feeding of the fat that's sitting on top for energy that's a win-win . You'll get stronger who doesn't want that, those daily tasks you once struggled with will all of a sudden become easier . Multiple trips to the car for grocery bags how bout knock it out in one trip. And what every woman and man wants a more defined toned and ripped body yes how do you get there lifting heavy .

So trust me if you want that tight toned physique put the baby weights down and go with the big boys .

Success is earned by YOU. Build that mindset and GO GET IT !



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