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Your Diet May Be Making You Fat

8/17 14:45:46

Your Diet May Be Making You Fat

Diet, diet, diet, you have to watch your diet. This is always a common refrain from health professionals. Where ever you go, whomever you speak to, you can be 100% certain they will tell you to watch your diet.

Don’t eat this, don’t eat that.

Avoid animal fat they say.

Stay away from processed sugar.

Cut down on the carbohydrates.

Watch your portions.

These are some of the more common things that are said. But strangely enough, despite adhering to all of the stated guidelines many people continue to get fat or they may be disappointed by failing to lose the targeted amount of weight.

Imagine restricting your diet for weeks or even months only to find out that you have not lost any weight or that you may have in fact gained weight. Well believe it or not this is exactly what happens to some individuals who toss out bad eating habits and adopt healthy practices.

But why is this so? If you’re eating healthy shouldn’t you lose or at least not gain any weight?

Well, believe it or not, despite the fact that you may be eating healthy, the healthy foods may in fact be so high in calories that they may cause you to gain rather than lose weight. Let’s take for example nuts. Now even though nuts are touted as being healthy, they are nevertheless very high in calories and so by just eating a couple of ounces you will be consuming hundreds of calories.

Peanuts and almonds are two popular snacks among healthy eaters. (I rather like them myself especially peanuts.) But when we examine the caloric content of these nuts, especially calories coming from fat, we find that one ounce of peanuts is equal to 90 calories while a similar amount of almonds gives you more than 100 calories. Now most people will eat one to two hands full of these favorites in one sitting which mean that you are consuming at least 200 - 300 calories on just this one snack.

Think about it, if you are eating nuts throughout the day because you think you’re eating healthy, you could literally be putting away hundreds of pounds in calories without even knowing. When added to calories from your regular meals it should not be unexpected that you would gain weight.

Eating healthy foods is great but you must be mindful of the fact that some healthy foods are also fattening foods. If you find that you’re eating healthy but packing on the pounds, it may be prudent to consult a nutritionist or as a first step you may find it beneficial to examine a caloric chart of the foods you eat. It may surprise you just how many calories lurk in those healthy foods. Personally, I have prepared a caloric chart of health foods that I refer to daily. I find this chart extremely handy and beneficial.

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