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I Cant Lose Weight

8/17 14:45:38

I Cant Lose Weight

I was wrong

If you've seen some of my other stories you'll probably read that I've been overweight and I've tried losing weight. I've said to myself I can't lose weight. That was before I started losing weight. That's strange I told myself I can't lose weight but I started losing weight. I must have been wrong. Yes, I was wrong.

You can!

There are all kinds of people out there like me that have been telling themselves they can't lose weight. You know what those people need to do. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. Because they can lose weight. You don't just sit around and eat salads and the weight magically drops off. If you do starve yourself and don't eat anything the weight will probably drop off, but then, since you've been starving yourself you'll want to start eating again and before long that weight will reappear.

Believe in yourself.

You need to take this weight loss thing seriously. Stop telling yourself I can't lose weight. You start believing it yourself if you keep saying that. You can lose weight. You need to sign up for a great program mentioned below and get the things that you have been missing in your attempts to lose weight.

Listen to the Experts

Stop saying I can't lose weight and start listening to the experts that will tell you what you need to do to lose weight. Stop telling yourself you can't lose weight and get into the gym and start following programs that are laid out for you to build muscle and burn fat. Stop telling yourself you can't lose weight and start eating food that is healthy for you and that you like. Stop telling yourself you can't lose weight and start listening to others that also have needed and wanted to lose weight and are succeeding and want nothing more than for others to realize what it is like to gain back the freedom of being a healthy alive person.

Take Control

You need to do all these things to take control of your body and lose that weight. You can do it and you will not only be doing it for you but your loved ones. This is important. If you do not do this you will grow less and less healthy. Sign up now and lose that weight. Don't tell yourself I can't lose weight. You can and you will.

Don't tell yourself I can't lose weight. Start losing weight, because you can do it. Don't tell yourself you can't.

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