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Insulin Spiking Causes Midriff Fat Gain

8/17 14:45:28

When you eat a meal or snack the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin to breakdown our food into sugars so that it can be used by the body to feed the cells. If you eat high sugary or high fatty foods it will cause the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin called insulin spiking. Insulin spiking causes midriff fat gain.because spiking insulin puts the metabolism in a fat storing mode.This process can work against any attempt to use a weight loss diet program. It is hard enough to lose weight by just reducing calorie intake and exercising without fighting the body's processes.

Most any diet program will help you lose weight if you can eat less and exercise more. Few programs will target the areas of fat accumulation like thighs,buttocks and midriff areas. The midriff fat is probably the hardest areas to be successful. If I would have to choose a midriff fat diet program, it would have to teach me how to lose midriff fat permanently.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently you will have to change your lifestyle but that doesn't mean you have to change drastically. Some people are sold on products like gym equipment,diet pills,weight lifting and laborious aerobics. If you are wanting to get on a diet program to lose weight just use your common sense and don't buy every weight Losing product that glitters.

Insulin spiking causes midriff fat gain so this is where I would attack this problem. The question you will have to ask yourself is how can I keep my insulin levels from spiking causing my metabolism from storing fat which is the weight added that you don't want. The answer is the food that you consume and how you consume it.

If you eat smaller meals and eat more times a day you will keep the metabolism working in the fat burning mode. Eat fruits and vegetables that are called canabolic foods for your snacks.Eating your meals and snacks as described above you will be able to keep your insulin levels more level and help prevent insulin spiking. There are some foods that will kick-start the metabolism into the fat burning mode and a example is hot peppers.If you can incorporate peppers or other fat burning foods into your snacks you will keep the metabolic rate of your body in the fat burning mode.The object of this technique is to keep the metabolism burning fat most of the day and even while you sleep.

Now in this article we have learned how that insulin spiking causes midriff fat gain. We have also learned how we can use the body's metabolism to continuously burn midriff fat. If we are able to keep our insulin levels from spiking we will help our body from storing fat thus gaining midriff fat.

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