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Easy Way To Lose Weight

8/17 14:45:25

Easy Way to Lose Weight

Many weight loss products offered in the market now, but some of it does not work as expected and needs much effort to reach the goal.

Weight loss is a big issue of people all over the world.

First thing to start a weight loss program by nature is changing your mind-set to commit that you are willing to lose your weight. Much pressure by thinking and keep on telling your mind that this is not going to work, makes the program also failed. A light exercise needed ,while you are doing this diet such as walk every day or do some daily physical activity, but the most important thing is to start with a way that is “ you have to want to”.

You have to make your brain thinks that eating is not the only important thing in life. Focus on anything beside eating, as actually our conscious mind does not think that food is so important, such as our brain thinks about it. Our left brain is keeping memories and analyzes that we would be starving every winter if we do not have enough food. Our brain also keeps in its memories about how delicious is the food we had eaten or as advertised in the market, and the thought hangs to those things.

By the time your brain trained, then you will start to become less hungry as you start to forget about food. It does not occupy your brain anymore.

It is just like in your situation of grief after you lost somebody your love. You would not have the appetite to eat, and usually you lose weight dramatically.

This is the state of mind you have to set, without pain as this is because you have control your brain instead of being controlled by you brain.

There is one diet program called Shangrila diet which is very effective to practice weight loss program.

The main thing about this program is very simple. You have to have everyday at least a 2 hours frame where you have to drink only water, without any food or other drink, And during these 2 hours you have to do either of these two things :

1.Have 1 tablespoon of sugar dissolved in water, or

2.1 tablespoon of extra light olive oil.

You have to do one of these without fail, and it will work well.

Beside the Shangrila diet above, you can also do these things :

Reduce gradually eating food with carbohydrates ( rice, potatoes, bread, pastas, noodles).

Have water as your drink daily.

Do not eat any heavy desserts,

30 minutes at least of light walking daily.

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