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How Do I Put Together A Workout Plan?

8/17 14:45:19

How Do I Put Together A Workout Plan?

Anyone first starting on in the fitness world will inevitably have the same question floating around in their heads:"how do I put together a workout plan?" While there are many, many theories out there that you could subscribe to when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle, the important thing in the beginning is just making sure that you have all the fundamental basics covered. Having these things under control will ensure you get the maximum benefit for your efforts. Later tweaking will add a little more to your results but this is by far the biggest results based change you will experience.

Going into this, it is important to have the right mindset. If you try to put the cart before the horse, you will surely veer off the road and crash! Do not focus on quick results by going on some super restrictive diet and overwhelming workout regimen. Successful people work smart, whether that smart work is easy or hard makes no difference. Long term, lasting results are the focus of everything you will be doing. Always remember this as you move forward.

When it comes to losing weight, you first have to understand why it is that you put it on in the first place. While I can not answer that question for you, I can go over the most common reasons. One is that you are lacking in knowledge about proper nutrition and/or never particularly cared enough to take action. Another is that you use food as a crutch for more deeply rooted emotional problems/discontentment with your life. Another still is that you have become unhealthy for some reason or another and your body is responding to this by slowing your metabolism(a common sign of this is unexplained tiredness). Finally, you could be eating half decently well but not getting in enough physical activity. Once you understand the root of your weight issue, you should target that directly and see what you can do about it before starting a proper workout program. Again, do not put the cart before the horse!

A proper workout routine consists of both strength training and cardio. The body is a machine and everything is connected. A weak cog could lead to everything breaking down.

When you do strength training, focus on the major muscle groups with relatively heavy weights. An example of a major muscle group would be the back muscles or the legs. Use fairly heavy weights but only after you have taken the time to learn the proper execution of the exercise you are doing in order to prevent injury(carts and horses). I am an avid fan of doing volume work(lots of sets and reps) at medium to heavy weights when I`m training to lose a little weight, but it is not a necessity.

Cardio should be intense, not grueling. It should leave you feeling exhausted, not run down. It should be like you are hunting, not being hunted. What I see people wearing down their joints doing long hours of jogging and listening to their ipods, I am amazed that someone would put in so much effort without first taking the time to do the proper research(cart/horse). The fact of the matter is that the body responds to intense exercise. It only burns the calories necessary to get through a long session of jogging. Would you rather burn a couple hundred calories so you can eat your next meal without guilt, or would you push your body to the limit so that it reacts by giving you more energy throughout the day and firing up your metabolism(horscart)? Having trouble believing me? Look at olympic sprinters and then look at marathon runners. Enough said.

On top of all of this, you are gonna need a good diet plan. Take some time to shop around as there are many scams but also many breakthrough ideas. Best of luck!

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