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Losing Weight Is Not A Piece Of Cake

8/17 14:44:56

Losing Weight Is Not A Piece Of Cake

If you only spotted the word "cake" from the entire title, your not the only one. If you want to lose weight this is one thing you will have to start eating in smaller portions. However, we aren't here to feel sorry for ourselves because changing eating habits to lose weight has become necessary. If you want to get in great shape, I have a few fast weight loss tricks here for you. You need a positive attitude about it - you have to really want it, otherwise it won't work no matter how many times you skip meals, and how many hours you spent lying on the floor unconscious because you skipped too many of them.

A Positive Attitude

So, we established that you want to do this. Not for your family, not for your spouse. No, YOU, and only you, should be the one who wants to do this, and be optimistic about that. Let me show you what I mean. Except for that distracting word in the title of this article (we all know which one) there are seven more words there. Here is how I see it:

"Losing" - I want to be and feel lighter, as this will improve my overall health, and I will have more confidence.

"Weight" - there are three synonyms for this word (I am sure there are many more but I've chosen these three): burden, pressure, and gravity. I don't want to carry any burden, I don't want to be under pressure, and I certainly don't want gravity turning against me.

"Is" - is the present. Do I like excess weight? No. Do I want to change it? I certainly do. And I will do this now, not next Monday, or after the holidays. I decide here and now.

The word "not" has a negative context in my vocabulary. I cannot play with my kids, without being exhausted after 5 minutes, I am not the man I want to be, and I am certainly not treating my body right. These are not diet plans for quick fix either.

We are moving to an indefinite article "a", but later on it is important to actually move, act, and put your body in motion. I don't want to be "a guy that has a weight problem". Another number in statistics. I want to be THE guy who cares about his eating habits, health, and looks.

"Piece" - I want to share a piece of my mind with you, and help you realize that losing weight might be difficult, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Finally, "of" is my main goal - I want to get rid OF excess weight.

So, What Should I Do in Order to Lose Weight?

This is one of the questions that has so many answers. Some will recommend you starve yourself, some will say that you are fine just the way you are, and give you a gazillion opinions on how to lose weight. Here is how I see it. Your goal is to eat healthy food, and not only lose weight, but be healthier, feel more confident, and maybe even show off your new figure if you feel like it. So, start your day thinking about these goals, a little magic cannot hurt anyone. Make yourself a strong cup of coffee, and enjoy it. Get used to enjoying life, new foods, and a whole new horizon of activities that will open up to you once you start your new food regimen. Here are my tips on how to change eating habits.

To Breakfast or Not to Breakfast?

When I was starting to create my new eating habits, I was puzzled about this one: should I have breakfast or not? However, once I researched the topic a bit better, I found out that breakfast is a healthy habit, and it helps you lose weight. If you skip breakfast, you will be crawling on the kitchen floor by noon desperate for food. The "fast" from breakfast will become a feast, and you will double, triple or quadruple the size of your meal, and those pounds will stick to you like glue. In this scenario you don't want to be a fly, but a fly guy who knows what he is doing.

So what should you be having for breakfast? You want fat and proteins. That's right - fat will help you lose weight, as illogical as it sounds. Proteins will also help you in this regard, but keep your fingers off foods loaded with carbs. You need protein, and lots of it. The great thing about protein-rich food is that it helps you be less hungry. Fish, vegetables, nuts, beans, and many more foods are full of protein. When you cut out the carbs, you can eat as much protein as you like!

Don't get me wrong though, carbs are essential to healthy living. They are the brain fuel to get you thinking straight. Oat bran is my choice when it comes to carbs. I have around 3 spoonfuls every day, usually at breakfast and that gets my thinking machine in action.

Even if you break the rules now and then, use these tips for fast weight loss, don't run to your fridge and act as if it were an "all you can eat" buffet. Just sleep on it, and in the morning get back to your healthy food regimen. Losing weight can be hard work after all, and you should cut yourself some slack.

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