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Tips On Losing Weight

8/17 14:44:40

Now we all know people are different right? So then it should be obvious that different things work for different people, not everything works for everyone, but there's always something for everyone - no matter who you are. With weight loss too. Some diet plans or programs will work excellently for you but may not necessarily work as perfect for me, and we often wonder how and why? Well I don't know, different bodies, different genetic makeup, naturally created that way. But that is not the point of this article. I am not about to thumb suck information about something I am not certain about. What I am certain about, however, is that these most or all of these tips on losing weight will work for you if you keep at it. If something is not working for you move on to the next one, the key factor here is to never stop trying and do not give up. Keep at it untill you find something that truly works for you and that you are comfortable with. Do not compare yourself with the next person, concentrate on YOU.

Consider these tips. . .

1. For breakfast eat a protein source like egg whites or a protein bar because studies show that people who eat protein for breakfast burn up to 60% more calories throughout the day.

2. Switch to whole grain bread to curve hunger and eat healthy fiber filled snacks throughout the day like almonds to keep you satisfied.

3. Lift weights. for trying to lose weight choose a weight you can get 12-15 reps on 3 sets, also do some cardio. Running is best, and great for abs. best way to get a long timed abs is to jog or run at least 45 min a day with your stomach pulled in… and then do some abdominal crunches… followed by side to side twists..try leg lifts when laying flat on the floor with your chin touching your chest…do this in three sets…. just follow some food habits to keep less fat in your body….don’t eat too much at a time… eat at least 4 times a day a little each time.. Hopefully you’ll have what you wanted in a couple of months (if you are not too fat…).

4. Be outside. Being outside in nice weather just make you want to go for a run or a walk in the woods.

5. Workout with someone. We all like to beat others at things so working out with someone makes you workout even harder. (ex. Oh I can do more pull ups but i'll stop at 10. But if someone is with me oh damn I suddenly have a need to show up so i'm going to do 20 now) (JUST DON'T OVER DO IT). And don't think you are being modest by not showing off to others, everyone does.

6. Get up every morning and run. If you want to lose weight and don't have time make time. get up an hour or two before, drink a glass of water and go for a morning run. (the first few times will suck but after this it will come to you, and you will feel more alive and lose weight while doing it).

7. If you live close to work walk or ride a bike on nice days. And with gas prices going up it will save you money.

8. Instead of going for some fast food get fruit for lunch and walk around the block for lunch.

6.) Get it out of your head. I workout with a friend and he always likes to compete, and yup he beats me most of the time. lol. Not doing as much weight or running as far/fast as the other person next to you doesn't mean you are anything. That was my main problem too when I started with the gym, but then it came to my mind: why should I bother myself about what people say? how many reps I can do etc. At the end of the day it's all about YOU, your time will come when You are not going to go in the gym and be the big dude or girl and outperform others. Just be you and do what you can when you can, but don't just do what u can try to push yourself a little.

One thing that you should remember with all of these tips is to remain consistent! We can be too quick to give up on things if they are not going as planned. You will get those times when you just want to throw your hands in the air and just give up. This is when you dig deeper and try even harder! Truly find something that you can use for motivation…this a big problem that a lot of people have. They start out good in the beginning and after about 2 to 3 weeks they give up? Most of the time you were probably just about to start seeing positive results.

The main problem that most of us have is losing weight around our mid-section. This is one of the most difficult parts of the body to get rid of. There is really no such thing as “spot training” for your stomach. It’s a combination of 3 things that will help you flatten your stomach. It’s healthy eating, cardio training and ab exercises in that exact order. You must cut back on eating too many carbohydrates and processed foods. I know that everyone loves to go out and eat every now and then, but just make healthier choices when you are going to do this. If a restaurant doesn’t have anything healthy food on the menu…just simply pick another spot.

Cardio training could be something as simple as walking or jogging because everyone has different current fitness levels. The key is to start off slow and to work your way up. So you have to have plenty of patience involved here. There are some very specific exercises that you can do to target your problem stomach area. Vertical Leg Crunches are a great way to tone up your upper and lower abs.

1. Lay flat on your back with your legs crossed at a 90 degree angle. 2. Place your hands behind your head and bring your shoulders off the floor (in a crunch motion) using only your ab muscles. 3. This exercise should be done in 3 sets of 15 to 20

Also Plank Ab Exercises are a great way to isolate your problem areas. 1. For this exercise you will be lying towards the floor being supported only by your elbows and your toes. 2. The key to this exercise is to keep your body straight as long as possible. 3. This exercise should be done in 3 sets of 10 to 30 seconds.

These ab exercises are a great way to help you burn fat around your midsection. Don’t forget that these exercises will work better if you combine them with the additional steps that I listed above. Get more Ab Crunch Tips that you can do to target your problem area. Remember you will get results as long as you remain consistent. Consistency is the key! Try doing donkey kicks it really works those muscels and will get your legs fit in no time. Remember to stretch or you will pull something, scissor kicks work really well too.

I hope this helps. Remember if it's not working for you no matter how you try, move on to something else untill you find what works best for you! DO NOT GIVE UP!!

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