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Natural Ways To Lose Weight

8/17 14:44:38

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Do you need to lose weight? Most people can tell that they do by looking in the mirror. They can see all the fat and not one ounce of muscle. It's there, but it's buried underneath all the layers of the yucky stuff! Franz has coached other people who looked fairly fit but their body fat percentage was actually very high because they had no lean muscle at all. It was lost to years of yo-yo dieting. To avoid these inconsistencies let's look at some natural ways to lose weight.

Most people right now are trying to lose weight. Obesity is a national epidemic. When people get up in the morning the first thing they head for is the scale to see how they did yesterday. They are in a hurry to see if they got away with having the extra serving at dinner or that mid morning donut before the lunch workout? They head for the scale and either sigh in relief or curse the thing. This is not a good way to approach weight loss! It's too frustrating.

May Franz suggest another tactic? If your dieting efforts sound something like what I just mentioned, try something new for a few weeks and see what happens. You can always go back to the old way, but Franz thinks you will have much better results his way, and be less frustrated in the process.

Eat More Protein, Fiber, Fruits, and Vegetables

When the foods you eat are of a low quality, your body still seeks the nutrients it needs to function. If it can't get it from the foods you are supposed to be eating then it will look elsewhere. That can sometimes mean that your body will attack lean muscle mass to get what it needs. If you avoid eating to lose weight your body thinks you are starving and does just the opposite, it holds onto the fat stores and attacks your muscles for energy. You don't want that to happen!

Natural ways to lose weight include eating smaller meals every three hours, or so, and include lean proteins, fiber rich carbohydrates, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. Depending on the person, a three to five hundred calorie balanced meal, five times a day, is the way to go. If you keep your lean muscle mass, and add to it by eating adequate amounts of protein, you will energize your metabolism, not slow it down.

Bouts of High Intensity Exercise

While you are getting adequate amounts of protein, be sure to get physical. Instead of the long boring cardio workouts, try an high intensity interval workouts. If you are a walker, try adding some running in between walking periods. Some like to call it walk-run-walk. The trick is to really get that heart rate going and then back off briefly, and then start again. You can cut your workout in half and get a much better fat burning result. You can do this with any cardio activity that you enjoy.

Get Rid of Bad Hormones

Another of the natural ways to lose weight is to eat super foods that help keep your fat cells under control. Fat cells release hormones daily. These hormones control your appetite, and whether or not your body thinks you need more energy. Improper eating may prevent your body from responding to proper signals and actually force you to eat more than necessary. If you eat super foods like avocados, you will keep your fat cells under control and allow the proper hormonal reactions to occur, and allow for weight loss.

Natural ways to lose weight are the best ways. They lead to long term weight loss and create a lifestyle that will be so much healthier than yo-yo dieting. They are also so much better for you than all the diet pills, powders, and potions that ultimately defeat your body's ability to shed weight healthfully. Try these natural ways to lose weight for a few weeks and enjoy your results!

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