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Can Candida Cause Weight Gain?

8/17 14:44:18

If you want to know how to lose weight effectively you are not alone and the importance of finding good answers can't be overestimated. A recent Brookings Institute Publication estimates that obesity costs the US economy $215 billion annually includuding direct medical expenditures and lost productivity. Annual medical care costs alone are estimated to be $147 billion for adults and $14.3 billion for children. On an individual level obese persons spend $2800 a year more for medical care than do those who are normal weight. Of course these dollar amounts don't begin to compare to the pain and suffering that are part of being overweight. An issue this complex has multiple solutions, however, if you haven't addressed the underlying importance of candida and weight gain you may be missing a big piece of the puzzle.

We all have candida living harmlessly in our digestive systems. However, if the friendly bacteria which normally keep it in check are killed off by over use of anti-biotics, this can cause your candida to become a monster called candidiasis or yeast overgrowth. Unfortunately, since yeast loves sugar it can cause you to crave sugary foods and carbohydrates. Eating them will keep your yeast fed and happy, but will also add pounds to your waistline and hips. Candida promotes weight gain in other ways as well.

As yeast grows it becomes invasive attaching itself to the walls of your intestines where it bores tiny holes. The yeast then leaks toxins through these holes (creating a condition called leaky gut syndrome) which promotes inflammation throughout your body. If the inflammation impacts your thyroid it may not be able to function as it should. As a result your metabolism may slow along with your body's ability to burn fat; obviously not conditions that are conducive to weight loss.

When yeast releases toxic by products it also prompts the body to mobilize your immune system and activate the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol signals your body to prepare to fight or flee by increasing blood sugar to provide extra energy. Unfortunately this also feeds your hungry yeast aggravating the candidiasis. Cortisone also responds to emergencies by warning your body to hold on to fat stores. Back when starvation was a real possibility this was an important survival mechanism. Today, however it is just one more way you will be frustrated in your ability to lose weight.

Yeast overgrowth may impact the body in other ways as well. Research by Dr. William Shaw shows that a yeast by product called tartaric acid may reduce your body's ability to extract the food energy and blood sugar you need to prevent hypoglycemia. When hypoglycemia hits it can cause you to feel week or to experience brain fog. Since the quickest way to alleviate these symptoms is to eat whatever is available and sweet, the result is one more challenge to your best intentions to lose weight.

There are many simple ways to lose weight which can help you become the slimmer person you want to be. However, your job will be more difficult if you don't address your underlying candida issue.

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