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How Can I Lose Weight Easily?

8/17 14:43:52

How Can I Lose Weight Easily?

Your weight has risen over the years and you have decided that it is time to take action but you do not really know what you should do. You have gained weight at a steady rate over a period of time. Like the majority of people you almost certainly consume a lot of ready meals bought from the supermarket that contain high volumes of sugar and fat. You are also unlikely to be taking sufficient exercise. So where do I go from here?

Firstly you need to realise that the key to weight loss is maintaining a balance between the calories you consume and the amount of exercise you undertake. If you burn off more calories than you take on board your weight will drop. If you are using less calories than you are consuming you will become heavier. It really is that simple!

How do you set about losing my unwanted weight?

First of all you ought to decide precisely how much unwanted fat you want to lose. You should also set yourself a realistic time scale in which to lose the weight. It is generally acknowledged that if your weight drops too quickly the likelihood is that it will return again and that is not what you want. It is generally agreed that a weight reduction around about one to two pounds a week is a realistic and healthy target.

Does weight loss require willpower?

Reducing your weight does require quite a bit of self-discipline. To lose weight effectively you will most almost certainly need to make some changes to your basic diet and exercise routine. If you do not want to lose weight badly enough you will almost certainly fail!

It is at this point that you need to set yourself targets and goals. Set yourself a number of small targets to aim for. If for the sake of argument you ideally you would like to lose three stone in weight your initial goal should be to lose 7lbs. From a motivational viewpoint this is extremely significant. If you feel that you are achieving something you are far more likely to carry on and reach your goal. Give yourself a small reward when you accomplish your goal and then set another goal and begin again.

What foods do I need to avoid?

For the majority of people it is difficult to make lifestyle changes in order to lose weight. Making reasonably insignificant changes can however show remarkably good results. When you purchase food at the supermarket look and see if there is a lower calorie alternative that has less calories that you can buy. Try and include more vegetables and fresh fruit as part of your diet. Cut out items such as soft drinks and crisps as these generally contain a very high number of calories (for example a 25g bag of crisps typically contains around 130 calories and a 330ml can of soft drink is likely to contain roughly 140 calories).

If you are eating one packet of crisps per day and drink one can of soft drink the calorie content of just these two items is 270, 1890 calories a week. To give some idea what this actually means 3500 calories roughly translates to around about one pound in weight. Merely by cutting out these two items from your diet you could quite easily reduce your weight by over half a pound a week.

Is exercise important for fat loss?

It is important that you take at least some kind of exercise in order to remain healthy. It is also a great way to lose weight. Exercise will help to raise your heart rate and quicken your metabolism. When your metabolic rate increases you will automatically burn off some of your existing fat. The exercise you do does not have to be arduous. Simply taking a brisk walk a couple of times a week will help tremendously.

As you can see you do not have to make major changes to your life style to lose weight. You simply need to be committed to the task and have the determination and willpower to succeed.

Hunger pangs are perhaps one of the main problems you will have to overcome if you try to cut down on your food intake. It is possible to lose weight with pills that will help you to fight the feeling of being always hungry.

Hunger suppressants are weight reduction pills designed specifically to make you feel satisfied even though you have consumed less food. The best weight reduction pills the leading brands, like uniquehoodia, are all made from natural plant extracts and are unlikely to cause any nasty side effects.

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