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Best Diet Detox - Find Out Why A Liquid Diet For Weight Loss Can Be Best

8/17 14:43:42

Most people know that a liquid diet can be a good way to detox, but it is also the best diet detox if you want to achieve rapid and healthy weight loss. You will only do the diet for a few days so there is no chance that your body will go into starvation mode, in fact if you stick to a liquid diet for weight loss for five days your body will really appreciate the break from digesting all that junk it usually has to deal with. Find the will-power to do a liquid diet for weight loss and you will be amazed what a kick it is. It will boost your self esteem by making you look and feel great. It really is the best diet detox you can do.

What is the best liquid diet for healthy weight loss?

The best liquid diet for weight loss includes only natural, preferably self made, pure fruit and vegetable juices, herb teas and vegetable broth. Vegetable broth is simply the water that a range of vegetables have been cooked in. Minerals from the vegetables leach into the water creating a mineral rich broth which your body will relish.

If you really want the best diet detox you must stick to natural, organic products and use pure mineral water to make teas and your vegetable broth. The vegetable and fruit juices are best diluted up to 50 percent with mineral water, especially first thing in the morning otherwise they can be a bit too sweet and potent for your empty digestive system to cope with.

How much weight can you lose?

If you aim for the best diet detox, using good quality liquids you can lose up to a pound a day or even a bit more in the first few days. This is because you will be taking in far fewer calories than you normally do. You will be detoxing because the liquids you take in will be very rich in minerals and vitamins so they will help to regenerate your body and aid it in the detoxification process. That is the reason why a liquid diet for weight loss is good for healthy weight loss. The initial few days on the diet can be tough for some people but it is surprising how your body can settle into a rhythm to the point where a glass of watered down orange juice or a herb tea actually fills you up. You may get a few side effects in the beginning which are a normal part of detoxifying your body. This could be feeling a bit dizzy or headaches or even some spots on your skin and very bad breath. If you really do feel bad you can always break the diet and you will still have gained some benefits.

Can anyone do a liquid diet for weight loss?

If you are thinking of doing a liquid diet for weight loss you may want to check with your doctor first although you may not find they are particularly encouraging. If you are not taking any medication and you are generally in reasonable health there is no need to consult anyone, just make up your mind you really want to treat your body to the best diet detox and get started.

Do you need to do anything else like colon cleansing?

It is beneficial to cleasne your colon during a liquid diet for weight loss. That will help you get the best diet detox because some of the toxins you elimate will be into your colon. If you are happy to do your own enema once a day that is a good thing to do. You should be able to buy a colon cleansing kit online or through your local pharmacy. Detoxing your colon will help you to achieve healthy weight loss over the longer term.

What happens after the diet?

To get the best detox diet outcomes the way that you break your diet is important. You should gently ease back into your normal eating pattern over a few days. Start of by eating raw and continuing with the liquids. The longer you remain on a liquid diet for weight loss the more slowly you should break the diet. If you were dieting for five days take three days to get back to normal eating. If you suddenly eat a large meal you will destroy all the benefits of the detox. If you continue to eat small frequent meals, making healthy choices in the food you eat you will enjoy healthy weight loss and the best diet detox outcomes over the longer term.

I have given you an overview of why I think the best detox diet is a liquid diet. The diet I am talking about is one I have done many time myself, using a liquid detox diet and diary, so I am confident it is an excellent method for rapid weight loss. It works really well combined with a good diet program for healthy weight loss.

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