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Benefits Of A Leptin Diet

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Benefits Of A Leptin Diet

As I have grown older, it seems to me that all I have to do is look at a piece of cake and my waist expands. I was told that getting older has its benefits, but losing and maintaining weight isn’t one of those benefits. So why me? I see others who can eat anything and never gain an ounce.

The secret lies in a little hormone contained in our fatty cells called "leptin".

In 1994 a group of scientists at Rockefeller University discovered that “Obese Rats”, lacked a certain gene that was absent in creating a hormone which they named leptin. Coming from the Greek word “leptos” meaning thin.

The study also identified the fact that there were situations in which leptin was produced in over abundance, causing this same “Obese Rat” phenomena, known as leptin resistance.

As it turns out, controlling leptin levels in your body, may just be the Holy Grail of weightless and obesity. Regulating these leptin levels can help eradicate a myriad of other diseases caused by obesity. Such as: Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gallbladder disease, gallstones, Osteoarthritis and gout.

Not to mention such issues as breathing problems, sleep apnea, shortness of breath and asthma. What about diseases such as infertility, high cholesterol levels, Ulcers and even back pain. The list continues to grow each and every year.

Benefits of a leptin diet:

  1. Controlling your diet by including leptin based diet foods, will help regulate your body’s metabolic functions, increasing the “fine tuning” of your hypothalamus gland.
  2. Your body will begin to start regulating leptin levels on a more natural level. The end result is that you will lose weight naturally.
  3. Losing weight naturally discards the “nasty” side effects of diet pills, diet fads and surgery.
  4. Eating healthy foods with your leptin levels in mind, will also produce more energy. A resulting “cause and effect” of a naturally functioning thyroid gland. Low thyroid will make you feel tired and sluggish, creating a false “starvation” message from the hypothalamus gland.
  5. Leptin resistance can be reversed and re-set by utilizing a sensible leptin diet menu and supplementation for your nutritional needs. In turn your body will begin to stabilize your weight on a natural time line. Getting a good night’s rest is one of the very best in increasing leptin levels.
  6. Regulating your leptin levels will reduce obesity by as much as 80 percent.
  7. Women are at higher risk to have thyroid issues due to in part to leptin resistance. This information is of greater value to anyone with thyroid or hyper leptin balances (leptin Resistance).
  8. Counting calories is a thing of the past, when you get those leptin levels under control. The greatest side effect of controlled leptin levels is that those “ravenous” appetites will diminish. “Comfort food” carbohydrate cravings will also start to disappear.

Where to get leptin diet plans:

There are several diet plans that allow us to be able to take control of leptin levels in our bodies. As most of us learned long ago, there is a difference in men and women and how our bodies store and utilize fat. See the different leptin diet plans here.

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