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How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions - Use The Law Of Attraction!

8/17 14:43:13

How to Keep Your New Year\'s Resolutions  -  Use the Law Of Attraction!

Do you want to know how to keep your New Year’s resolutions? That’s easy, don’t make any! Then you won’t disappoint yourself again with more broken promises: quit smoking, find a new job, exercise more, and of course, lose weight. These decisions made at years end are rarely effective in actually achieving what the person intended. Why is that?

Most resolutions, being like a goal set for yourself, rely on motivation to achieve them. Resolutions rarely have enough motivation to get them past the end of January. The other problem is that when a person makes a New Year’s resolution, they are hindered by a negative attitude, too many bad habits, and beliefs that limit actually accomplishing the goal.

The Law of Attraction, whether you know it or not, is always working in your life. Whatever you put strong feelings toward and mix them with your limiting beliefs, you get that which you are thinking about. If you say you want to lose weight, but look in the mirror and feel bad about the image and think you will never lose the weight, guess what, you won’t. The thoughts don’t follow the desires.

So, if you have strong limiting beliefs and lots of negative thoughts that don’t coincide with your New Year’s resolutions, but you force yourself to take action for a little while, you will probably get burned out, frustrated, and give up in a cloud of negativity only to attract more of the same. Think about it! I am sure you can recall examples of this happening in your life. Franz sure can till he figured out how to stop the madness!

So, how can we use the Law of Attraction for our benefit? Can we use it to learn how to keep your New Year’s resolutions? You bet we can! If you will use the Law of Attraction to help you achieve your resolutions, it will be a much more enjoyable process. Imagine achieving your weight loss resolution, or any other for that matter, not by actions alone but by using the power of your thoughts.

The best way to learn how to keep your New Year’s resolutions is to feel naturally inspired by your positive thoughts, ones that will lead you to the accomplishment of your goals. Rather than having to force yourself to accomplish your goal you can use the Law of Attraction to draw that which you desire by placing strong feelings and emotions to that which you want.

Here are three things you can try so you can learn how to keep your New Year’s resolutions this coming year! These are three easy steps that you can try using the Law of Attraction to achieve weight loss, quiting a bad habit, creating a new you, whatever you want.

Picture what it is that you want!

Every day spend fifteen minutes focusing on the outcome of your resolution. If it’s a weight loss goal, imagine what you will look like after you achieve it. Get a picture of what you want to look like and place it on the refrigerator, or any place you will look at it often. Feel what it will be like to look that way: being slender and fit, looking great in your clothes, maybe seeing your feet without having to bend over, seeing your muscles, etc. Whatever it it that moves you, focus on that and what it will feel like.

Believe you have accomplished it already!

If you have any doubts about accomplishing your resolutions, then you are sending out that intention already. And if you believe that you will fail, subconsciously, the Law of Attraction will give you just that. So, intend to achieve your goal! Say to yourself, “I intend to lose this weight!” Believe that you will do it. Even if you are not sure how you will do it yet, just believe and affirm the outcome and a way will show itself to you!

Let it go!

So, you have visualized the outcome, you believe with strong feeling and emotions, like never before that you can do it, so just let it go. Trust that if you keep your intentions and strong beliefs in the accomplishment of your goal, you will achieve weight loss, better health, quiting a bad habit, whatever it is. For example, worrying about how you are going to lose weight will only contradict the good energy you set by your intentions and feelings. Just let go and trust that the universe will provide all the strength you need to be successful.

Now that you know how to keep your New Year’s resolutions, go ahead and pick what you want, and accomplish them with your imagination and strong feelings of success, and you will finally achieve your resolutions this year!

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