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Childhood Obesity Fitness Program

8/17 14:43:01

Childhood Obesity Fitness Program

Kids And There Health

Healthy Kids Are Important

This goes without saying. Children are our future and childhood obesity is on the rise. If Children continue to eat the way they do and lack in fitness like they do, who knows what our country will look like in the future. Why is it that children are tending to be, stay or become obese?

Up to The Parents

Let's not point the finger at the children now. Who did you look up to when you were growing up or who did you learn the most from? It is our jobs as parents to control the foods our kids eat as well as how much activity they receive. Remember the saying, "Monkey see, monkey do." With that said though, are you practicing what you are teaching? Our kids are like parrots when we speak and copy cats with what we do. If you are making bad nutritional choices, like eating a donut......but tell your child to eat an apple, do you think they are going to want to follow what you are saying? Especially true for when they are out and about, not around your watchful eyes. Are they going to listen when they leave because you do not even do what you are telling them to do? That doesn't just go for nutrition and exercise. Although in order to keep childhood obesity in check, pay special attention to the particular topic.

Less Down and More Up

Get them up and out!!! Yes video games are on a rise that are "healthier" then most conventional video games, but it's not the same. When you were a kid, was childhood obesity an issue like today? Now, how much were you inside playing and how much yard work did you have to do? Getting the picture. Our kids now a days are just spending to much time on there butts and in front of some type of electronic, like video games, tablets, mp3 players and so on and so on. As parents, we can control our children's activity levels by simply giving them some yard work to do (and helping with it,) or making sure they are outdoors playing more (with or without you). Making sure their nutrition is in par with there activity will speed things up.

It'll Be More Fun For Them

If you get your kids involved with what you do or eat what you eat, it will be easier and fun for all involved. If you are not involved in anything to keep you weight in check, this would be a great opportunity to get started. Like I said earlier, Monkey see and monkey do. By getting involved and showing how fitness and nutrition should be handled in life, your kids will be more willing to participate and want to be involved. To control childhood obesity, be motivating and directly involved.

Find a Program and Stick With It

There are many programs out there that will help put you on the right track to controlling childhood obesity in your home. Choosing the right one can be tricky. Once you find the program of choice, just stick to it. You will be given a great starting point or some good old fashion life long choices. Childhood obesity can be controlled and effectively handled. It all starts with you, your child's mentor. Good Luck!!!

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