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Speed Up Metabolism

8/17 14:42:28

Metabolism is the rate at which our body digests and processes food for useful energy. People with a slow metabolism take a long time to digest and process their food, and if they overeat, the result is they often suffer from chronic conditions such as obesity and heart disease. How can one speed up metabolism? The following tips are suggestions for improvement:

1. Identify your blood type. This can be done by a quick blood test from your local physician. According to blood type expert Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, many of our diseases result from consuming foods and living a lifestyle that is not suitable for our specific blood type. According to Dr. D'Adamo, Type A blood types need a low stress life, with a vegetarian diet. Type O's should avoid wheat and dairy products, while engaging in frequent high intensity exercises. Type B's also have problems with grains, including corn, and legumes, also peanuts. Type AB's should avoid caffeine and alcohol, with a focus on seafood.

2. Exercise! This should be obvious, but it is often a big challenge. Some tips to increasing exercise in your workday is to prioritize it over money making. Our modern Western Culture encourages us to succeed, compete, and build up social status. This results in many people living stressful and unhealthy lifestyles in a cubicle and car for more than 10 hours a day. Mix it up a little. Try walking or biking to work. After work, take a walk with your spouse or friend. See what happens to your metabolism.

3. According to website Eat This! Weight Loss some specific dietary items that speed up metabolism are green tea, oolong tea, olive oil, garlic, dark chocolate, lentils, nuts, salmon, and apples.

4. Entirely avoid alcohol. Information collected at Eat This! Weight Loss indicates that drinking alcohol may slow the body's fat burning capability by 73%.

5. Do not be stressed about how to speed up metabolism. Website Mind Body Green observes that stress causes your metabolism to slow down. So do not think about it too much. It will occur, if you follow these steps carefully.

6. Get enough sleep. This helps your body realign for the new day. If your job is too stressful and demanding, consider getting a simpler job and making sacrifices in pay for great long term benefits to your health. What is the point of making $100K a year if you die at age 60 from a heart attack before you can enjoy retirement? Cut your pay and remove the extra stress load from your life. Read more about the metabolic diet here.

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