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Cardio Weight Training – Discover Bigger Benefits And Better Results For Losing Weight

8/17 14:42:22

Cardio Weight Training – Discover Bigger Benefits And Better Results for Losing Weight

Cardio weight training…a contradiction in terms?  Many would think so and for us women, cardio is often the only consideration when it comes to losing weight.  However, the truth just might surprise you.  In fact, if you’re serious about fat loss then resistance training is an absolute must and cardio weight lifting is the 1-2 knockout punch for great results.  Here’s why.

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of the benefits of cardio weight lifting routines, let’s start with the appetizer which is to explain what I mean when referring to cardio weight training

Unlike other weight lifting programs, this exercise method is the act of performing your resistance training in such a way that your heart rate stays in an elevated state throughout the duration of the exercise session.  That goal is achieved by lifting weights that are moderately heavy and limiting rest periods during the weight training routine.

What does this look like in a routine?

Well, if for example you have a weight lifting regimen that includes 12 exercises, group the movements in sets of 3.  That will give you 4 groups.  Using moderately heavy weights, perform 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise in the first group.  As soon as the first round is complete, start the second round and move onto the 3rd round without resting.

Yes, you should expect to be breathing heavy and sweating by the time round 3 of the 1st group of exercises is finished…probably even soon.  Oh, and don’t be surprised if your heart is pumping too.

At the end of the 3 rounds of exercises in group one, take a 45 second rest.  Then move onto group two, repeating the process with the movements in that group.  Follow this same routine until all of your exercises are complete.

That is how to do your cardio weight training.  Now the next answer is what will that type of workout do for you.  The answer… A LOT!

See, you could simply follow a basic calorie counting weight loss program and that would be fine.  But what if I told you that you could get visible and physical results in half the time by implementing a cardio weight training routine into your weight loss program? 


I thought so.

Here are three things that combining cardio and weight lifting can do to bring bigger benefits in your quest for fat loss..

First, you reap the reward of increasing your caloric burn.  With the higher intensity effort in your training, by getting AND keeping your heart rate elevated, not only do your burn extra calories working out.  But you burn extra calories long after your workout is complete as a result of your body working to return to a normal state. Second, by adding muscle mass your body requires more energy to simply function, not to mention workout. 

Now, to put your mind at ease…don’t worry about getting “big and bulky.”  That’s for guys.  Females simply don’t have the genes or hormones to get really large, so trust me…lift the heavier weights and build a little muscle.

You’ll be thankful for it when you find out you can burn a couple hundred extra calories a day as a result of it.  And you can do it just sitting on the couch. 

Another big benefit that cardio weight lifting provides, again as a result of increased muscle…is simply the improved look of your body. 

While “toned” isn’t technically a fitness term, it is used quite often to reference a certain look and we all understand what is implied by it.  Well, adding muscle helps you look “toned” and gives you that shapely sexy figure you want.  And that look comes whether you have achieved your overall fat loss goal or not.  Your appearance itself suggests a great deal of weight loss has occurred.

So see, what the benefits of the weight lifting and cardio combination are?  Add cardio weight training into your exercise regimen and propel your results way ahead of schedule.

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