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How To Have A Ripped Body For Summer

8/17 14:41:55

Almost everyone comes up with the same goals right after christmas, we all want to lose weight and look good, generally in time for the summer when we want to hit the swimming pools. So if everyone has the same goals why is it that almost no one seems to hit them? Well there are a few reasons, one could just be a lack of motivation, but more often than not it is a lack of proper education rather than just a lack of really wanting the results.

Getting Ripped Is Easy

So how can you get that ripped look that everyone wants? It's really a simple matter of lowering your body fat, the lower your body fat percentage the more ripped and lean you will look. It's not due to some pill or some high number of repetitions for some specific exercise.

There are two main ways of lowering your body fat percentage, one is by building muscle, the other is by losing fat. Studies show that building muscle isn't really worth it unless you are already at a low percentage of body fat. Therefore for most people losing fat is going to be the best way to get ripped quickly rather than building muscle.


Cardio is a really way to lose fat, it burns calories which in turn puts you at a calorie deficit for the week, which results in you losing fat. Cardio doesn't have to be jogging like most people think, biking, walking, or going on the elliptical for an hour or so each day can really go a long way to building up your lungs and heart while helping you lose fat.

Eating Less

The other key of course to losing weight is just taking in less calories. Your body uses calories as a fuel source, by cutting down on the amount of calories that you take in you are forcing your body to use fat storage as a source of energy. This results in your losing fat, for the average person eating 500 calories less than their maintenance levels a day will result in a pound of fat loss a week. The best way to keep track of this is by using a calorie counting app such as My Fitness Pal. If you need to suppress your appetite or find better foods use supplements such as Progenex. High end supplements like Progenex are no substitute for a good diet and workout, but they will definitely help you reach your goals sooner.


Getting into really good shape is not as hard as many people make it. The keys to success are simple, and are actually pretty simple to follow. So if you really want to make a difference go out and do it, I bet you'll love the results in the end.

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