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Get Legs Rid Of Cellulite

8/17 14:41:42

Ask any woman today about how they feel about cellulite and you will so much confusion about they explain what they think it is. That is so sad since its really not that complicated. Most people don't know what it is or how it forms under the skin.

Get this there is no such thing as cellulite. That is right! Several decades ago, the word cellulite was ingeniously made up by a European Spa Owner so they could cash in on the many products and gadgets that were developed for the supposed removal of the cellulite. Think of all the products that promised results.All for profit for women to frantically use, that just don't work. that's just not right. Decades! So how do we treat something that doesn't exist.

Even women who are thin and work out religiously may still have dimples and shadows on your buns, legs and thighs.

Follow these 5 steps

In order to improve lower-body smooth, tight and looking great:

1.There are hundred of thousands of creams and lotions and goop that all claimed to remove cellulite. None of them work. They don't work because cellulite is not a skin problem. Cellulite is a muscle fiber problem and the lotions will never remedy this. Extreme use of theses could make varicose veins worst. I think of how frustrating it is to apply this year after year and there are results. How emotional is that. That is not fair.

2. I read some consumer reports about the unnecessary injuries done to people through medical procedures and it brought tears to my eyes. Surgical removal and body wraps are dangerous, painful not to mention long recovery time. Theses procedures are targeted to desperate women with low self esteem as if that's not enough to deal with.

3.Those cottage cheese looking bumps are not a genetic flaw. The good news is, your not stuck with them. I know finally something positive from me. If you don't believe this you will be stuck with cellulite forever. You Really don't have to be. Its one thing when the so called 'neighbor no it alls" to act like authorities on the subject, but when doctors validate it then shame on them.

4.Now for some more good news. Regardless of any age you can get rid of cellulite because it is not a skin issue and more of a say, structural issue(muscle) it can be fixed with simple body movements which work the muscles that smooth out the bum-plies. The move are easy and can be done by any women. It does matter if it started when you were a teenager or in your senior years.

5. It comes down to the muscle layers that need to be brought back to a sexy tightness. Special exercises the target those ares also help to burn of excess flab, if there is any. So not only are you smoothing out your skin, your actually improving your health. That an added bonus.

I was so glad to learn this. I think people have been fooled and lied to about many things just so a profit can be made. I have notice lately that one by one the truth comes out.

That make me smile.

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