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College Students! Foods That Help You Lose Weight

8/17 14:41:30

College Students! Foods That Help You Lose Weight

There are many who try to lose weight by minimizing their food intake only to see their weight loss stall. This is as a result of eating too little which then forces your body's metabolism to slow down. You can overcome this problem by consuming smaller meals frequently throughout the day instead of the three meal a day approach. If you still want to eat and lose weight here are a selection of foods that I suggest you to eat.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 1 - High Fiber Cereals

I think you already know that foods high in fiber cleanse the body's gastrointestinal tract. Because of that, they are also good in helping you to lose weight. So go on, take your high fiber cereal for your breakfast every day. You can add some fruits to your cereal to make it tastier. Avoid other cereals that contain loads of sugar such as children's cereals.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 2 - Fruit and Vegetable Salads

It's also good for you to eat fruit and vegetable salads to help you lose weight. You can make a fruit salad with peaches, strawberries, grapes, bananas, lychees and pineapple for example. With a vegetable salad you can use tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, cabbage, lettuce, etc. If you think the salad is too light for your diet, then you can make a sandwich as well. Just add the salad as a filling to your sandwich to fill up your hunger.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 3 - Oranges

It's up to you if you want to munch on an orange or make an orange juice for yourself. Oranges are great for you since they contain loads of vitamin c and is also low in calories. So when you're having a snack or lunch, you can order an orange juice to help you lose weight.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 4 - Grapes

Another fruit to help you lose weight are grapes. Maybe while sitting down and waiting for someone, you can eat some grapes. While filling up the boredom, it aids in your weight loss as well. Just don't eat too much since grapes are high in sugar. Grapes however are low calories.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 5 - Potatoes

Are kidding me? No I'm not. Yeah potatoes are not good food for losing weight if they are fried because they are high in trans-fats, the type of fat you should be avoiding at all costs. The secret is to change the way you cook them. Try boiling them without adding any high calorie ingredients. I'm sure you've heard of mashed potatoes. These are good for you in small amounts. Potatoes are actually low GI foods meaning that you'll have a steady release of energy throughout the day. You can add other tasty ingredients to make it more delicious so long as those ingredients are low in saturated fat.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight Tip 6 - Sprouted Pulses

Sprouted pulses (especially if eaten raw) are good for losing weight. Pulses when sprouted provide vitamins, minerals and fiber that can surely help you with your dream to shed those pounds. Are you getting hungry from reading these tips mentioned? Great, you can eat these types of foods to help you lose weight. Just wait and see how sexy and hot you will be if you continue to consume these foods in your diet.

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