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Ring In The New Year With Steps To Improve Your Health

8/17 14:41:01

Ring In the New Year With Steps to Improve Your Health

Soon the new year will be coming in and we all have our resolutions whether it be to organize, study more, or lose weight. One thing we can agree on is that maintaining or achieving good health should be at the top of our list. We all make resolutions, but a great deal of people do not stick to them because they are time consuming, high cost or too much of a drastic change but with a few easy steps, you can lose weight, feel rejuvenated and maybe even pick up a new hobby.

Eat Healthier

This may seem like the most preached statement in the diet book, but there are ways to go about eating healthy and it being easy for you. For breakfast, you should start off with a high protein meal such as eggs and maybe a fruit. Easy enough, right? When it comes to lunch, things become more challenging especially if you go out to eat. Instead of putting yourself into a position to eat fast food, bring your own lunch with maybe a sandwich, a fruit and vegetable. Buy flavored water as well. Sodas are loaded with sugar and calories and even diet sodas can thwart your diets.

For dinner, it may seem easier to pick up some fast food but keep in mind that, the fast food that may seem good when you're hungry, can bring you misery later in the night, making you feel nauseous and bloated. Instead make a meal at home consisting of a mixture of wheat, vegetables, fruits and meats. Junk food and sweat are alright as long as you inspect the nutrition labels and take notice of the serving sizes.


Around this time of year, you can't help but take notice of the discount gym memberships advertising across the media. People make their resolutions to go to the gym but most of the time, this resolution is forgotten in today's busy society. Instead of joining a gym, you can save money by finding an activity that you enjoy doing for free such as running, biking, dancing, parkour ect. The idea is to find something you will enjoy doing everyday and will push every day.

Don't stress it out

It's a proven fact that the American population is under high stress from bills, the economy and their jobs. While you may think this is just another part of life, this stress could be deducting years off of your life. At least once a day find a way to keep your mind at peace for only an hour through things such as meditation, writing, music and even day dreaming. They key is to provide breathing time for yourself so that you can escape the problems of the world and enter into your own world where all is at peace.

Get some rest

Most Americans sleep from 7 to 9 hours yet still feel exhausted in the morning when awaking. Why is this? Even though most Americans need 7 to 9 hours, this may not be the same for you. If you wake up on morning and realize that you still feel fatigued then make a note to yourself to go to bed an hour earlier that night. By doing this, you can establish the amount of hours you need to be able to function properly.

With this simple steps, you can improve your health and improve the way you feel physically and mentally. For more tips, please feel free to leave comments and I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year.

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