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Losing Pregnancy Weight

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Most women are concerned losing pregnancy weight. The desire to remain thin and attractive is extremely strong in our society. However, pregnancy is a special time when a mother to be must take into account the needs of her developing baby over her own. The developing fetus needs proper nutrition to develop into a healthy baby. Doctors do not advise weight loss during pregnancy even for obese women.

Unfortunately, most women’s diets are full of unhealthy foods which do not contribute to losing pregnancy weigh or the babies well being and do contribute to unnecessary weight gain. Another problem is the extreme tiredness some women feel in the first trimester causes them to stop all exercise.

The average recommended weight gain in pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds. If a woman is already obese when she becomes pregnant only 15 pounds weight gain is recommended by most doctors. Most of this weight gain goes to the developing fetus, the amniotic fluids, placenta and increase in breast tissue in preparation for breast feeding. After pregnancy the majority of weight gain that stays within these parameters will be lost simply by virtue of delivery.

Losing pregnancy weight starts with avoiding unnecessary weight gain. To keep your pregnancy weight within the recommended range concentrate on eating food dense in nutrients but low in empty calories. Use the following tips for losing pregnancy weight and to control weight gain in pregnancy.

1) Stop consuming empty calories and chemicals in soft drinks. Substitute water and 100% fruits juices.

2) Eat six small meals daily instead of 3 large ones. Divide your doctor recommended daily calories into these 6 meals. Eating more frequently but in small amounts keeps your metabolism running on high and is easier to do as the pregnancy pushes up on you stomach.

3) Be sure you get adequate high quality protein. You can add dried milk powered too many soups and food to increase protein and calcium intake. You’re growing a new person and need good quality protein to do so. If you’re a vegetarian you will have to pay special attention to meeting your babies protein needs.

4) Eat your vegetables! Most of us have diets too high in fat and too low in nutrition. Make a point to get you daily ration of vegetables and fruits to get adequate vitamins and minerals. Keep sliced fruits and veggies in your fridge and keep empty calories such as cookies and candy out of you house.

5) Drink your milk! Just make sure its fat free or low fat. Pregnant women need more calcium and should consume more calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. These items are often high in fat so choose the lowest fat variety possible. If skim milk just tastes too bad try 1% or @2%. Failure to get adequate protein can result in the baby depleting calcium in bones and teeth of the mother; the reason for the saying you lose a tooth for every baby!

6) Continue to do doctor approved exercise. Exercise helps maintain weight and gets you in better shape for labor which isn’t called labor for no reason!

For a more information on a pregnacy weight control plan

While losing pregnancy weight is a normal desire, it’s vital you get adequate nutrition when pregnant. Do not go on any diet without checking with your doctor first. Most doctors will not recommend a restrictive diet but will be happy to see you replace empty calories for nutrient dense one.

You can end your pregnancy with a healthy baby and a health you.

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