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Various Nuez De La India Side Effects

8/17 14:39:11

Various Nuez De La India Side Effects

Cashews are seeds if cashew tree that was found in Brazil. The seeds of this tree if often classified as nuts and there are many cooks that treat cashews just like nuts particularly because they behave like one in the kitchen. For all those having allergy of cashews should know the difference between seed and nut is extremely important since a few people are allergic to nuts and not cashews.

Americans used such trees as source of food, before Europeans discovered it in the past. The cultivation of the cashews on small scale started in Europe but spread to Africa as well as Asia. In India and African countries, cashews are produced at very large scale.

Are you aware about nuez de la india side effects? It is vital for you to know the side effects and also how to take nuez de la india so that you consume only those many cashews that are good for your health.

Nuez de la india side effects are as follows:

Cashews with good texture are tasty and also have high nutritional value. Sometimes eating it may cause certain side effects. Consult the nutritionist to know if the nut is good for your diet or not specifically in case you have allergies or even headaches.

# 1: Experience weight gain

Calorie sin cashews can lead to fattening. 165 calories and around 14 grams of fat are present in 1 oz cashews. Limit your cashew intake to one ounce if you do not want to experience such side effect. Too much consumption of cashews can lead to lot of side effects. On the other hand, the fats from these nuts are healthy in most of the cases, but nuez de la india results to weight gain in case you consume in excess.

# 2: Facing allergies

According to studies, it has been observed that nowadays allergy to nuts is increasing especially among children because around one third of children are allergic to pistachios. Anaphylaxis may be the result of cashews allergy. Seek medical help if you notice swelling on face or in throat or if you face breathing problem. Some may even experience itching in throat, rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

# 3: Experience BP problem

As cashews are low in sodium, only 5 mg every serving is common to look for commercially available varieties that are salted. 181 mg of sodium is found in salted cashews. It is very important for you to eat cashews in moderation so that you do not get any nuez de la india side effects and consuming it proves to be healthy for you. Keep your cashew intake under 1500 mg of sodium every day in order to avoid the spikes of blood pressure.View more details about nuez de la india results .

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