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How To Stop Food Cravings - Just Try This

8/17 14:38:01

How to Stop Food Cravings - Just Try This

Knowing how to stop food cravings is the first step in managing the need to feed. It’s true that we all crave certain foods. For some of us it is the salty and savoury foods like chips, pizza, crackers and cheese. For others is it the sweet things such as ice cream, chocolate and candy. There are also some strange food cravings people have (more than you’d even think!) who can’t get away from things like HP bbq sauce on ice cream and pickles. Bizarre I know... and a lot of the times it is NOT just the pregnant women who have these strange food cravings.

Fact remains though that if you are wanting to learn how to stop food cravings because you are worried that what you are eating it causing weight gain then learning about self-control and how to replace your bad habits with healthy ones is key.

Here are a few tips on how to stop food cravings and avoid over eating.

  • Peppermint. Whether in the form of chewing gum or tea is a natural herbal stimulant. I am not suggesting it to help suppress your appetite (some believe green tea does help with this). Peppermint can actually help your brain to feel “revitalized”. You may actually find that your craving a certain food goes away and you’d rather do something other than eat.
  • Always keep a large container of freshly chopped vegetables in your fridge at the front of the shelf so it’s the first thing you see when you open the fridge door. When you are having a food craving for the cold pizza you will increase the odds to avoid eating bad food if you can grab a handful of veggies as a quick snack instead. To make it a little more exciting make a non-fat dip to go with them.
  • Alternatives for sugary foods are so important when you want to learn how to stop food cravings. Most of us are actually addicted to sugar and we don’t even know it. Sure some of us can admit we have a sweet tooth, but did you know that a lot of our non-sweet favorite things have sugar hidden in them? Read the labels, you’d be surprised. Gum is a great way to get the sweet craving fulfilled while saving you a TON of calories, eliminating the sugar from your diet. In fact, numerous studies have shown that people who work really hard to drastically reduce sugar from their diet have found that other symptoms such as migraines, fatigue and even anxiety can disappear!

The thing about how to stop food cravings that’s most important is that 99% of the time these cravings are related to weight gain problems. Food is the source of many people’s emotional state. Food is used to make us feel better at that one moment.

But what happens after the entire plate of nachos is gone?

Well for a lot of people it’s guilt, shame, disgust and much more. It’s all related to emotional eating and food addiction. Getting on the right path to enjoyable, delicious and nutritious eating is what will allow us to live happily and healthily on the inside and out.

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