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From Fat To Fit: Too Simple?

8/17 14:37:58

From Fat to Fit: Too Simple?

In the weight loss world, how many times has one expert told provided you with information, only to have another 'expert' completely contradict previous statements?

The ego boosting tug-o-war we have all been subject to, is often the cause for mass confusion to newcomers to the fitness. So called experts who happen to do ‘some’ of the right things when building muscle or burning fat always seem to information dump a bunch of useful (and in many times useless) info on the newbies at the gym.

This can involve emphasizing non-proven or very scarcely researched so called fat burning rules such as:

  • Eating a meal every 2-3 hours
  • Completely cutting out processed foods
  • Making claims certain foods have ‘fat burning’ effects
  • Starvation mode
  • Over-training

Here’s a crazy statement that would have had me hanging at my local gym – none of these things are proven to be true, and in many cases proven false.

Yup, digest that for a moment.

Before I continue, keep in mind I am not making personal assumptions about whether the above information is accurate or not, but I am simply repeating what credible nutrition researchers have stated.

With that being said, there’s a lot of information out there, and Its okay to delve into a topic and explore and see whether it’s credible or not. Just make sure to always check the source of where information is coming from before assuming it is a set in stone.

In my case, the credible researchers I often refer to, are individuals who have literally practiced applying certain "bodybuilding" rules to their own clients, and have practiced without those rules as well. I'll elaborate more in a moment.

The problem with information from the bodybuilding community is that if one guy or girl is bulking muscles and ripped with veins all over, it almost appears stupid to argue against that person when they give you diet and nutrition advice (the unproven type of advice). However, people need to realize that a person who has six pack abs and bulging biceps, is not necessarily in such great physical shape because they eat 6 meals a day or don’t eat processed foods...

It is largely (about 90%-95%) because they follow a few simple rules, consistently, each and everyday of their lives.

The truth is, the plan is very basic and simple. What is the easiest way to lose weight? What is the fastest way build muscle? These are questions often recycled over and over again, but the truth is just to follow a few simple rules depending on your goal (bulk up or cut down).

Burning Fat

  1. Figure out your calories intake to lose weight until you are losing around 1lb a week.
  2. Consume about 0.75/1 gram of Protein per pound of Body Weight.
  3. Lift Weights, never lose strength.

Building Muscle

  1. Figure out your calories intake to gain weight until you are gaining around 1lb a week.
  2. Consume around 1.5/1.75 gram of Protein per pound of Body Weight.
  3. Lift Weights, always make progress.

*Keep in mind these numbers are ballpark figures and are different for everybody. Pick a calorific/protein intake, experiment for around a period of two weeks, see what happens, record it.

Ready for the big secret?

Do the same thing, for a period of 90+ days.

Yup, that’s all there is to it.

Don’t believe me? Search around the net and checkout people with credentials and who have done academic research and live testing on the subject, and you will quickly come to a conclusion that simple rules are all that you need.

With the above being said, I definitely do not deny that such factors such as meal frequency, and certain supplements may have on your fat loss transformation. However, over the past few years it been proven that such factors provide such little to your body composition, that many experts are coming to agree that these factors are simply irrelevant. The general consent is that everything else you do for your diet (types of foods, meal frequency) – is miniscule to the point that it affects about 5% of your actual weight loss/muscle building transformation.

Some people will look at this an immediately dismiss it because it seems too simple.

That’s fine; this article is not for them. This article is for people who are open to new information, and realize that nothing is really ever set in stone. There are plenty of testimonies out there, or you could try following someone who is in the process of testing this ridiculous claim, which is probably accurate to the nail. After reviewing and seeing undeniable testimonials, success stories, or actual blogs, it should hit home that by following the basic rules would prove the easiest way to lose or build muscle, without going through the headaches of worrying about when you need to have your next meal, or to worry about whether you eat white bread or white bread.

The irony, is that It's easy enough to tell others that all they need to do is bust their behinds off for 90+ days street, but that's how success will come.

Now the psychology behind what motivates people to hit the gym and diet and basically change their lives, that is something to look into if your having a problem following the simple rules for 90 days consecutively.

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