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Weight Loss For Diabetics

8/17 14:37:44

Weight loss for diabetics is not as difficult as many diabetics may expect. While diabetes is a tragic, unfortunate affliction, it can actually act as a deterrent for the foods that cause weight gain and slow your metabolism. Through proper dieting and the monitoring of your glucose levels, you can begin to lose weight.

The concept of the glycemic index has been around for decades. The glycemic index rating of a food determines that food’s overall impact on the blood sugar level of the body. By maintaining a low glycemic index, your appetite can be suppressed due to the digesting of only foods that will make you feel ‘full’ and not cause ‘sugar highs’ or other similar sensations that can crash your body’s metabolism.

In recent years, a rethinking of the way carbohydrates interact with the body has lead to the creation of the ‘glycemic load.’ Glycemic load allows for a more generous selection of foods which, based on a ‘score’ system, may or may not cause less of an impact on blood sugar compared with the former system used via the glycemic index. If you are a diabetic, be sure to consult with your physician before factoring glycemic load into your dieting decisions.

The glycemic index and load are now popular diet choices for those seeking to lose weight. Entire lifestyle diets, including Atkins, South Beach, and other low-carb diets use the principles behind lowering the body’s blood sugar response to deter appetite. Though being a diabetic is certainly not a positive development in your life, you can use your natural predisposition towards these diets to begin to lose weight.

First, start by carefully considering the glycemic impact of the foods you eat. Sticking to foods that do not impact the body’s blood sugar response is both a wise choice for your health and an excellent way to control your diet. Meats, such as steak, pork chicken, and fish, are usually a safe bet as they have no carbohydrate content. Cheese is also a tasty food that has few carbohydrates and little to no impact on your body’s blood sugar.

Mixing in diet sodas, leafy green vegetables, ranch dressing, mustard, and other foods with little or no carbohydrate content will help to ensure your dieting success. Once you become attuned with the dietary requirements and trends amongst foods with a low glycemic index or load, you will begin to feel empowered with the ability to control both your blood sugar and your body weight.

In any case, consult with your doctor before changing your dieting decisions. Your health comes before your loss of weight and body shape. In most cases, your doctor will agree that pursuing such a diet is both safe and an effective way to take control of your health. In some cases, through weight loss and the natural control of your body’s blood sugar, you can actually reverse the effects of some forms of diabetes. Weight loss for diabetics can be an interesting challenge for those faced with the effects of the disease on their diet plans.

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