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Inspiring Weight Loss Story: Teen Nick Turnbeaugh Loses 87 Pounds!

8/17 14:37:41

Inspiring Weight Loss Story: Teen Nick Turnbeaugh Loses 87 Pounds!

Franz loves stories like this! What a great thing when a young man like seventeen year old Nick Turnbeaugh, who once weighed two hundred and fifty pounds, decided to shed eighty seven of them and become an inspiring weight loss story! It's not so much how he did it but his attitude that makes this story worth sharing!

It was about a year ago that Turnbeaugh looked in the mirror and wondered if he was this fat now, what was going to happen when he reached the age of thirty? He had been overweight as long as he could remember. It got so bad that he had to change schools when he was in junior high school because the kids teased him relentlessly. He says people don't realize how much that hurts.

Turnbeaugh said that he has always loved food and eating. His dad could recall Nick at the age of five eating an entire loaf of bread. Nick had tried to lose weight at least ten times before but it would only last a few days and then it was back to his normally poor eating habits.

What truly makes this an inspiring weight loss story to Franz is what Turnbeaugh said that finally turned things around for him. I think that if people would adopt this mindset when they finally get sick of being overweight, they would finally succeed in their weight loss goals! It doesn't matter so much how you choose to lose the weight, it is the mindset that you adopt that will keep you on track.

So what did Turnbeaugh finally decide to make this inspiring weight loss story a subject of Franz's attention? He said that he decided to hate obesity more than he loved junk food! Did you get that? You have to hate the way you look and feel more than loving the foods that are making you fat. Wow, what a great way to look at it! I think if more people kept a thought like that in front of them each time a craving strikes, how much more successful would they be in their weight loss endeavors!

So how did Turnbeaugh actually lose the weight? Well, along with his determined mindset, he cut out the junk food: the over processed boxed, canned, and frozen meals. He dropped his calorie intake to around eighteen hundred a day and he ate more nutritious foods. Instead of pizza and chicken nuggets he went for a sandwich and fruit. He drinks low calorie beverages and water instead of soda. He joined a fitness club and now enjoys cardio and strength training.

Well done Nick Turnbeaugh! What a wonderfully inspiring weight loss story! If you are at the point Nick was a year ago, and want to make a change, can you do like he did and hate how you look and feel more than you love the junk food that got you that way? Franz hopes so! I guaranty that Nick, at one hundred and sixty three pounds for his five foot eleven inch frame, would tell you it's worth the battle!

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