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How To Lose Baby Weight

8/17 14:37:24

How to Lose Baby Weight


1. Stay hydrated – drink more water

Water is life, it is said. It is recommended that we drink eight glasses of water everyday, drink more if you can, it cleanses us inside out. Follow the simple rule: “hydrate before you get thirsty”. When your body is hydrated it burns more calories. So make it a routine to drink as much water as its possible.

2. Eat clean – change your diet

In a successful weight loss journey, 80% is what you eat and 20% is exercises. Yes, you heard me right. What you eat will show even when you are miles away, therefore it is important to get this equation right from the word go. In the computer world its called GIGO (Garbage In – Garbage Out). Fried food and processed sugars are among the initiators of those pounds you carry around.

A balance diet is a must if the body is to function properly. But the proportion of the components (Vitamins, Proteins and carbohydrates) of the diet is key. Fruits and vegetables should form the larger portion of the meal while proteins and carbohydrates should be taken in moderation.

One point to remember: Eat what is readily available in your locality and also eat what is in season. This is because when food is in season it tends to be more affordable and fresh. Why then don’t you leap the BENEFITS and enjoy losing those pounds.

3. Get moving.

My advice to you is; do not sit all day in the name of nursing the baby; keep yourself busy. Be innovative and create some activities for yourself, no matter how simple, eventually it lead to something big. Keep moving.

Word of caution to CS moms. Go slow with exercises, you need to be sure you are healed, consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise. We heal differently, therefore what works for one person may not work for the other.

4. Get enough sleep and rest

Sleep helps relax our mind and body, thus better functioning of our whole being. Ensure that you sleep for at least eight hours a day. For those moms who have trouble-some babies, get someone to help you with the baby as you sleep/relax. From experience, if you don’t get enough sleep you end up becoming a poor feeder and hence you are not able to produce enough milk to feed the young one. Other problem will be chronic fatigue, mood swings and headache.

Also ensure that you have some “me time” where you can spoil yourself or just have a good time with other girls. RELAX!!, let others take charge; breathe that fresh air and enjoy some sunshine, take a walk….. Most beautiful things are natural… Its never that serious.

5. Be patient!

It takes months or years to gain the extra pounds. (if trying to shed baby weight-it took at least nine months to gain it) Therefore the same should apply when trying to lose those pounds. We cannot quick fix it, as we want the results to be long term. We cannot wish the weight away, we can only work with long term strategies. For you to realize some results you must continually work towards the goal. Just in case you fail raise up, dust yourself and keep on.


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