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First Steps For Weight Loss

8/17 14:37:11

First Steps For Weight Loss

Losing weight is a serious decision for many people. The problem of obesity in the US is all over the news, as well as the health risks associated with being overweight. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US and diabetes is on the rise. These and many other diseases are all linked to obesity. Lessor problems like joint pain and breathing difficulties are also reported by most overweight people.

Quality of life issues are also a problem for a lot of overweight people. They report avoiding intimacy altogether or making sure it's severely limited. Being uncomfortable going out in public and other social difficulties also increase among people who are obese.

So, for health or vanity or both, you've decided to try to lose weight. With the plethora of health programs and people offering unsolicited advice this can be a very daunting task. Not to mention the numerous stories of people who lost the extra pounds only to gain back more then they lost.

Losing the extra pounds you are carrying should not be taken lightly and needs to be addressed in an earnest and honest manner. The following are some steps to take when first getting started along the path of a healthier lifestyle.

First and foremost complete a serious and honest evaluation of your abilities, attitude and circumstances. Gather and write down this information if necessary. When done you will have the information you need to make quality decisions about a weight loss program geared towards you.

With the vast amount of exercises and venues for exercising, putting together a plan you can stick with is a very doable task. Are you an indoor or outdoor person? Do you like the gym or jogging in the woods? Do you have bad knees? Can you swim and do you have a pool available to use? Plan on doing exercises that not only fit your style, but will keep you interested.

As with exercising there is a huge variety of foods and food combinations that will make healthy eating achievable for anybody. Be upfront about your likes and dislikes. Learn to cook, many people say this is a great help in maintaining a healthy eating plan. Having your own garden is also a great idea for keeping up the interest.

Finally, you've put together an outline of exercises and food that will help with your new healthy lifestyle. Now all you need is to find a program to help you fine tune the outline you've assembled.

You want something in your price range. Personal trainers can be helpful, especially with motivation. However, most people like books and DVD's because they can work out at their own pace and in privacy, this is especially true in the beginning of a new weight loss program.

Once you find a plan that interests you, make sure it was put together by a qualified person. Not only official certifications, but have they been overweight themselves? Put together a support system. A good quality weight loss program will have some sort of support, but its helpful to have family and friends involved too. Tell them your goals and have them help by participating or with moral support, don't underestimate the value of any kind of support, its vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In ending, remember that the people who are most successful with weight loss view it in the long term, as a lifestyle change. The unsuccessful ones are usually the people who think in terms of dieting, which is not the best way to keep off the extra pounds. Having a healthier weight and lifestyle is the best thing you can do not only for your physical health, but also your mental health.

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