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Jessica Simpson Offered $3 Million To Lose Baby Weight Wow!

8/17 14:36:59

Jessica Simpson Offered $3 Million to Lose Baby Weight Wow!

Jessica Simpson took an offer from Weight Watchers to lose her baby fat after she has her child. Many other companies wanted to recruit her in to their weight loss campaigns, but she made her decision to work with Weight Watchers as a spokeswoman. According to Hollywood Gossip, this was not the first time she was offered an opportunity to be paid to lose weight. I believe this will be the talk for a long time.

Jessica Simpson was criticized over the past few years because of her weight.

My first thought on this was wow! Weight loss companies will use celebrities to promote the heck out of their company in an effort to get more people to join them to achieve fat loss. These companies are no different from the infomercials that use fitness models with no weight problems to promote their weight loss products to people who desperately want to lose weight. I feel that if companies are going to use people, they should choose the ones who already currently have a problem with weight loss, not celebrities or fitness models whom never had a problem with losing weight. Or if they choose to use them at least choose the ones who have problems with their weight and follow their progress. Plus how do we know they are actually using the program to lose weight in the first place? Jennifer Hudson was a spokeswoman also and lost weight but the public still don’t know if she followed the plan through and through.

Celebrities are already paid to lose weight for various roles in television, movies and other projects.

Companies want celebrities to endorse their products and services to make people want to sign their selves up. Really no one needs to join any kind of weight loss programs or buy anything to lose weight. You can achieve fat loss by simply following a plan which includes exercise and healthy eating in moderation. Most people actually believe these programs are the only way to lose weight and are sadly mistaken. Media hypes and promotion dollars lead to this assumption.

Some of the foods these weight loss programs offer are not the best choices for losing weight and counting calories is never the answer. Often times people miss count calories and end up eating more than they thought. I advise people to stay away from the programs and lose weight the old fashion way and get the truth on foods that actually make you gain weight in the first place. There is no magical formula to losing weight. It is much easier than most people think.

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