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Lose Belly Fat Quick

8/17 14:36:43

Lose Belly Fat Quick

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Proverbs 6:6 King Jame Version, Bible

The ant of course is known for storing foods away for times of food shortages. If you could remember the cartoon of Jiminy Cricket, a very early product of Walt Disney you would here him singing, “The World owes me a living....” You can go to YouTube and listen to the song just as Jiminy sang it when I was a little kid over seventy years ago.

I can remember that small movie projector and the phonograph record that supplied what we now call audio. All this to show that the ant was wise and would survive the winter and that Jiminy was a fool and would surely die from starvation. I’ve had more than one cricket come into my home in the fall of the year and do just that.

Some folks think that we have to be like Jiminy Cricket to lose belly fat quick. That is, we have to starve ourselves. Well, we could do that and we would certainly lose weight but that would be no way to treat our body which needs nourishment every day. But what the body needs is proper nourishment.

In the early days before the Europeans conquered North America, the Ute Indians who lived here in the Mountain West, hunted deer and other wild animals and ate nuts and berries. They were extremely strong, never tired, and they were healthy.

Then the Europeans came along, including my great grandparents, and drove them out of their hunting grounds into Indian reservations. There they were supplied white flower and alcohol and weakened to a disease prone situation, lacking the strength to do their normal activities.

Like some of the rest of us, you may see some such Indians eating cheeseburgers and fries at a local fast food joint or perhaps fried chicken or pizza. Conditions have not improved for them and they have deteriorated further with the rest of us.

I fought in Korea with the 17th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. Surgeons performing battlefield surgery noticed that very young men had occluded arteries while in WWII, the arteries were clear. In a short time, the diet of servicemen had changed. I assume it was worse for Vietnam veterans and I can’t imagine what it is like for our present servicemen.

Our children are fed pizza at school and they are fed cheeseburgers and other junk foods. They don’t have a chance. In the evening to avoid cooking dinner, or because there is not enough time to cook it, off the family goes to a fast food joint or a pizza place. The First Lady and others are trying to improve this situation as is the Mayor of New York City.

Poor nutrition in our country is an important factor in our high disease rate and our fast food people are sharing that with the world. Incidently, that is why I don’t want our war-loving race with bad habits to even think about colonizing other planets. It’s good that God spread them out.

So, if you have a ring around the belly instead of a ring around the bathtub, then perhaps you have not been eating properly. Remember that nutrition is all important and that you need to make some decisions on your own as to what is right for you. Don’t expect the government to do it, they have been wrong for years. You need to do some research on nutrition yourself.

If you want to lose belly fat quick, then you had better be quick to change your nutritional habits. When you get the crap out of your diet you will find that you have more energy, less disease, and a happy, healthy life.

Let’s go for that!

Note on pic: On my left is Ted Olean of Minnesota (who has left us), a very mature and brave soldier. I was age 19 at the time in 1951. We were mortar forward observers.

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