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Paleo Snacks - The Fun Never Stops

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Paleo Snacks  -  The Fun Never Stops

Paleo Snacking Made Easy

If you just beginning a Paleo diet or are a seasoned, year-round pro, you know that Paleo dieting means back to the basics. Basics don’t have to be boring though! Since Paleo dieting has swept the country, many Paleo snacks have hit the market making Paleo dieting a snap. You can soothe any craving you may be having with some of these Paleo snacks:

Something Sweet: Brownie Bomb

In the mood for something sweet? The Brownie Bomb is “the bomb.” The ingredients include honey, pecans, eggs, coconut oil, cacao powder, and almond flour, and that is it. This is one of the tastiest healthy Paleo snacks that you will ever put in your mouth. It will make your taste buds think a bomb of sweetness has gone off the moment it touches your tongue. Have your sweets and your abs too!

Something Meat: Paleo Valley Grassfed Beefsticks

This is the perfect Paleo protein snack. These gently-smoked beef sticks are made from 100% grass-fed beef making the meat quality the highest you can buy. This is one very healthy snack make with pride by Paleovalley. This protein-packed snack will keep you full and build those muscles.

Something Seedy: SuperSeedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds

Do you love snacking on seeds? SuperSeedz has reinvented the pumpkin seed. They come in many great flavors such as cocoa, cinnamon and sugar, cayenne, curry, and many more. Or just enjoy the pumpkin seeds raw – true Paleo snacks. These gourmet seeds will fill you up and provide your body with the natural, healthy fats it craves.

Something Trail: PaleoKrunch Original Grainless Granola

Missing trail mix? Now you can have trail mix in a grain-free form with PaleoKrunch Grainless Granola. Check out their wide variety of flavors that will have you saying bu-bye to traditional granola such as: Maple Bacon, Nut Free Carrot Cake, Tropical, and more. Better yet, order a variety pack to try them all! You can have these blends for breakfast in place of your cereal or throw them in your gym bag. This is easy, delicious snacking.

Something Unique: The Chia Co. Chia Pod

What is in this pod? These pods are energy-filled Paleo snacks or a breakfast that contain one full serving of sun ripened chia seeds with fruit and coconut milk. They come in seven scrumptious flavors that will please any palate. True to Paleo, they are dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. To top it off, the container and spoon is 100% recyclable. This snack is Paleo and Eco-friendly.

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