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Different Weight Loss Plans

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Different Weight Loss Plans

Over-weight people who want to lose weight will have to follow strict and regular weight loss plans so that they can achieve normal weight efficiently and quickly. A good and highly effective weight loss program is given below, which if followed regularly will yield positive results.

This plan targets at losing about 10 to 17 lbs every week. It also helps to improve your emotions and attitude by the cleansing systematic effects shown by it. The plan’s main aim is to burn more calories in comparison to the amount of food eaten by you. This program has minimum complications and side-effects.

The seven day plan is explained below-:

• Day one-: eat all fruits, excluding bananas. It will be more advantageous if you consume melons like loupe and watermelon. Limiting you dosage only to lemons will help you lose weight three times faster.

• Day two-: you are motivated to eat all vegetables. They can be either in the raw form or in the cooked form. Eat until you feel full because there is no restriction on the type or amount of vegetable you eat. You can begin with large baked potatoes with some butter for the complex carbohydrates.

• Day three-: this day should be a combination of vegetables and fruits, all of which can be of your choice. You are free to eat any type or quality. There are two restrictions for this day. The first is that you cannot eat potatoes and the second is that you cannot eat bananas even.

• Day four-: this day is for milk and bananas. On this day you can eat around eight bananas and drink about three glasses of milk. This day also includes special soup which has to be eaten constrained amount.

• Day five-: fifth day is the feast day because you can eat tomatoes and beef. You can consume around two 10 oz of lean beef or hamburger. This can also include around six complete tomatoes. Don’t forget to increase your water consumption on this day. Water will help to cleanse uric acid from your body.

• Day six-: this day is for vegetables and beef and you are allowed to eat any amount of vegetables and beef till your heart gets satisfied.

• Day seven-: today, the menu will consist of fruit juices, brown rice, and vegetables which you like to eat.

The result of weight loss plans is that you will lose a considerable amount of fat from your body. Moreover, if this program is repeated every week then you will soon find yourself in the shape which you have longed for since a long time. You can also drink two glasses of white wine if you want. Moreover, you are not supposed to drink any alcoholic beverage other than white wine or champagne during this plan. Cream drinks and liquor like vodka, rum, etc. are not allowed even. After the 1st week, your digestion will improve and you will feel a lighter stomach.

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