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The Six Week Body Make Over Weight Loss Program

8/17 14:36:03

Lots of money is being spent each year on new weight loss programs looking for the next big product that really make a difference in your weight loss. The Six Week Body Make Over is a great guide to follow. Folks just need a plan to follow and stick too and they'll see results. As you read this article you will see how we can make this happen in six weeks time.

Remind Yourself Daily

Before you hit the ground running with this program. You need to buy something that you can wear daily to remind you to stay focused on your goal. You may purchase a ring, bracelet oranything that will continually say to you, I need to work on my Six Week Body Make Over plan today. Writing notes on a mirrors, refrigerator or in your car don't help because when you are not around those places you have the mentality of out of sight out of mind. You may even want to set the alarm on your cell phone or watch for every hour.

Small Meals with Carbs and Protein

This is now a fast paced world we live in and know one eats three meals a day anymore. Studies have shown that one may eat less per encounter and help in losing weight. What's with the carb's and protein? It help you to feel fuller through out the day even though your not. When you need a snack you may want to try a protein bar.

Counting Calories?

The big discussion as to weather or not that counting calories actually work will go on forever. In my own sitution I found that counting calories according to how much you weighthen it can be very effective. Let just say you cut 10 calories for each pound of your weight. So if you weigh 150, the total calorie reduction would be 1500. But I would advise you to start with 5 calories per pound and then slowly move to 10 in order to keep the weight off.

Take A Walk At Lunch

For any weight loss program there's a need to workout. It tends to many many people cringe just think about it. Who said you had to execise like all the advertisements you see. On your lunch hour just eat something healthy like some grapes or an apple or maybe even a protein bar while you take a walk. Don't forget about your reminder we mentioned earlier in the first tip.

Having A Partner To Do It With

It's hard to find a partner sometimes due to various insecurities about one's body. No worry, it's a common problem. Hopefully, we can help you find a partner with ease. With whatever reminder you choose people will ask you what it is for. Once you tell them some will want to do it as well. Others will say they need too, but someone may come along and ask if they could join you. You can never have too much assistance.

Just A Small Taste

Now this portion isn't about cheating on your weight loss plan, Although we advise you to cheat and enjoy a candy bar or a piece of pizza or anything you like once in awhile. This is a portion of everything that makes the Six Week Body Make Over work to perfection. This is just a little incentive for you to continue working towards your goal of a complete body make over.

Just keep in mind, your main goal of the Six Week Body Make Over weight loss program is to lose weight. So while you may take pleasure in your favorite food every now and then,

remember to make it a small portion. Just don't go crazy and ruin all that effort you've put into the program.

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