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Why You Can Feel Good About Losing Weight

8/17 14:35:40

Perhaps you have been thinking about losing some weight. You want to feel better and look better, and you want to be able to wear flattering clothing. Finally, you want to be eligible for some great jobs so that you can earn more, learn more, and live a better life. You do not want to be barred from these jobs because employers worry that your weight might slow you down. The idea of a slimmer you sounds exciting. One thought scares you, however: the worry that if you lose weight, your friends might not want to be friends with you anymore. You might be worrying that if you lose weight, you might lose something else, too, like your personality. Your personality will still be there, however. You will be the same beautiful, fun person that you have always been. You will still laugh at the same things. If you lose weight, your friends will also likely see some changes in you that they will be very happy about.

First, if you go shopping for clothes, you will be able to shop for clothing in a smaller size. Being able to shop for smaller sizes will make it easier for you to find clothing that you can wear. It will also make your shopping trip fun rather than frustrating. In addition to being able to shop for more flattering clothing, there is another reason why your losing weight should make your friends happy: you will not have to stop and rest because you are tired or out of breath.

If you do not have to stop and rest, you can keep going. You can then get more done before the mall closes.

Alternately, you and your friends might decide that rather than shopping for overpriced items, you would rather walk the mall. Walking will give you a great workout, which will help you avoid gaining back the weight that you have lost. This activity will also give you and your friends a chance to talk. Since you may not get much time to talk during the week, it will feel good to catch up. You will be able to find out what your friends have been involved with, and you can tell them what you have been doing.

If you lose weight, do not worry about losing your friends. Instead, look forward to a long, happy life in which you and your friends can spend more time together.

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