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The Most Common Belly Fat Exercises

8/17 14:35:39

Many trainers would suggest you with several abdominal exercises to help burn stomach fat but there are many exercises for the abdomen. What’s important is not how much exercise you could accomplish but rather how you accomplish it. Proper execution is needed in order for the muscles to be strengthened with the proper form. In exercise, quality is important than quantity. So proper form and technique should be done and should be done in continuous cycle. Knowing what the common belly fat exercises are will surely help you get ready for more complex exercises.

Here are some common belly fat exercises:

• Crunches                                                                                                                                        Crunches are the most common abdominal exercise done by many because of the belief that it can flatten belly fats and turn it into abs. In this simple exercise all you have to do is lie flat on your back while bending your knees. It is like doing a sit up exercise. Place your hands behind your head and then curl your upper body forward but make sure your hands are not pushing your head forward. Proper curling of your upper body makes your abdominal muscles contract thus burning fats in your stomach area.

• Twisting crunches This type of exercise is more like of a modified crunches exercise where in instead of curling your whole upper body up, you try and reach your right side of the body using your left shoulder then going back to the flat position then try reaching again the left side of your body with your right shoulder. It is basically twisting your lower abdominal muscles alternately plus your side muscles are also being used as well. This is a basic exercise wherein your abdomen is being exercised to the fullest.

• Air bicycling. Air bicycling is like what its name is, doing an imaginary bicycling in the air. It is a simple exercise yet effective belly exercise. To do this, raise your legs so that your thigh is perpendicular to the remaining part of your leg. Place you hand below your head then slowly start cycling. Do this for several cycles.

• Belly Dancing. Surely, your fun hobby of belly exercising can be very beneficial as well to your body especially in burning your belly fats. As much as you enjoy the fun in belly dancing exercises you will surely love it more when you see the results it can give you. There are many gyms that now offer a belly dancing lessons for those who loves to dance and aims to get lean as well. Now that you know the best, easiest and common belly exercises then you better start doing it right. As long as you do it properly then you will surely attain not only the flat stomach you are wishing for but you might even get a bonus of having a six pack abs as well. Burn your fats in the stomach with easy to perform abdominal exercises with so much fun.

 With all that said, it is now your turn to execute fat belly exercises,and you will never regret. You will attain the desire of your heart, and within no time,others will follow suit. Enjoy!

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