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How To Maintain Your Weight Loss: Teen Edition

8/17 14:35:27

How To Maintain Your Weight Loss: Teen Edition

When I first began to lose weight, I felt that my greatest hurdle would be to actually lose the weight. Back then, I used to think that when I dropped the pounds – that would be it – that after that I could stop focusing on weight loss. However, I soon learned that that is not the case. Losing the weight is the easy part- it’s keeping it off that’s hard. This phase sets back many people. Maintaining weight loss requires an individual to reassess their lifestyle. Here are a couple ways you can help yourself stay on track.

Face Your Mistakes

Like I mentioned before, the number one thing you should do is figure out how you ended up with this weight in the first place. Ask yourself - Did you eat when you didn’t really need to? Did fast food find a permanent home in your stomach? Was it just a combination of unhealthy choices? When you figure out what caused you to gain the weight, you welcome the prospect of moving on. Suddenly the mistakes you made in the past will not control your future, because you have put them out in the open. There will be no more hidden secrets in your closet! After all, we can only learn by making mistakes.

Support Groups Are a Guaranteed Way for Success

I’ve mentioned this previously on another post, but here I go again. Maintaining weight loss is a daunting task. It’s scary – and frustrating. You don’t want to lose all the progress you've worked so hard to achieve. That is why I recommend starting a support group, or better, if you used a support group to initially lose the weight, stay in contact with those individuals! Who better to help you stay on track then the group of people who helped you lose the weight? And don’t think you have time or didn't use a group to lose the weight? Don’t worry! Now a days, you don’t even have to leave your home to go to one. Social media sites such as Tumblr and Facebook have communities dedicated to this topic. You will never be alone! All it requires is a quick search and parents’ permission  I doubt they will mind though – after all it is free!

Keep At It!

Don’t feel discouraged if you have one “bad” day. Sometimes a little bit of junk food can actually help you feel more enthusiastic about eating healthy. After eating healthy and feeling great for such a long time, eating a bowl of ice cream or drinking a can of soda might influence your decision to always eat healthy because you will probably be feeling a bit more sluggish than usual. The most important thing you have to remember though is that even though it’s ok to fall of the wagon sometimes – you have to get right back on it and keep driving, or else you really will be stuck in a rut.

Before I forget, I want to say “Congratulations!’. You have come a long way. Just the fact that you are reading this article and looking for tips to maintain your weight loss means that you really are taking this seriously. That’s a great feat. Not many people can stick to it for so long. Just remember that there is always help available to those who seek it. If you’re feeling a bit down, just send me a quick message or post it down below in the comments. I’d love to help you!

Wish you the ultimate best.Š

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