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Exercise For Effective Weight Loss 6 Weeks After Giving Birth

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Exercise For Effective Weight Loss 6 Weeks After Giving Birth

Six weeks after giving birth is the approximate amount of time that is usually recommended to wait before starting exercising again. This is because the body has been put through a great deal of stress during the pregnancy process, an initial six weeks of recovery is recommended.

For individuals who trained while pregnant it can be slightly shorter and for those who have never trained or didn’t during pregnancy it may be slightly longer.

However during the first six weeks if you feel ready for light exercise then pelvic tilts, bridges and diaphragmatic breathing are good exercises to perform.

From 6 weeks onwards you can usually now start exercising again, if you trained while you were pregnant then you can start again with the training program that you were using just before you stopped. Some people suggest that if you trained during pregnancy you may be able to train even days after giving birth. However I would suggest that you listen to your body and wait until it feels right, when it does progress slowly.

If you are a beginner or didn’t train during pregnancy then you want to progress slowly, starting with the basics. Always master a basic movement or exercise before progressing onto anything more challenging, this will allow you to progress quicker in the long run and avoid any potential injury’s.

During Pregnancy the biomechanics of the body change and as a result a large percentage of individuals end up getting lower back pain.

This is due to the pelvis tilting anteriorly, basically creating a Donald duck posture (bum in the air). This causes the abdominal and gluteal (bum) muscles to be put on stretch and causes them to become weak and at the same time causes the lower back, hip flexor muscles and quadriceps to become strong / tight.

By strengthening the weak muscles and stretching the tight ones, not only will this reduce your back pain but it will also reduce postural stress that will increase your fat burning potential.

So to begin your training program I would recommend focusing on Basic postural correction exercises alongside some light cardiovascular work such as walking, pushing your pram is a perfect way in order to this.

Once this feels easy enough to perform, advance forward but slowly. In order to achieve any goal I find that the best way is to take one small step at a time but on a constant and never ending basis. This will allow you to progress for as long as you want until you achieve your goal and enable you to never plateau.

I would also suggest that you see a professional whether it be a someone at the gym such as a personal trainer or one of midwifes at the hospital just to ensure that one you don’t over challenge yourself and two that you get an exercise program specifically designed to achieve your goal.

Get what you want by doing what you need.

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