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What Causes Belly Fat

8/17 14:34:28

What Causes Belly Fat

The advancement of new technology and invention, which made our lives a lot easier than before, have somehow made us lazy on the other hand. We are now living in an age where almost everything is remote-controlled and automatic, and we won’t have to get up and manually do it ourselves. There are even machines that can serve us our favorite coffee; we just have to drop a coin or two. Because of these so called “innovations” (which are created originally with good intentions to make life easier), our minds are almost conditioned to hold back ourselves of physical activity. In fact, people would prefer to drive short distances than taking a walk, jog, or riding a bicycle. And if it isn’t for the fact that the television is far from the refrigerator, some of us won’t even get a chance to exercise.

There has also been an increase of junk food. Drive-thrus, almost in every corner, are promoting mostly fried foods, which may contain trans fat, although drive-thrus have recently been trying to cut down the fats in their food. Almost everything we eat is cooked instantly, and we're living life in the fast lane, too busy to cook quality food. Instead of pampering ourselves with home-cooked meals that are well-prepared and nutritious, we eat out oftentimes. When was the last time you cooked a delicious and nutritious meal?

For the reasons that we almost deprive ourselves of physical exercise and we eat foods that are high in calories, belly fat becomes common and affects not less than 40 percent of the population in United States. Now the bad news is that excess belly fat can cause serious health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and even respiratory problems. There are two types of fat in our abdominal area (visceral and subcutaneous), which are considered serious health risk factors if carrying excess fat. And this excess belly fat won’t easily go away by just applying abdominal exercises. A study has indicated that in order to get rid of excess belly fat, one must increase his or her metabolic rate, and this can only be done through exercise. And an adult must exercise at least 2 hours per week in order to remain healthy.

If you are always stressed out, chances are you have a slow metabolism and easily suffer from improper digestion. All these problems can be solved through quality exercise. You have to sweat it out. A common thought that stands in the way of older people is the belief that when one grows older his or her metabolism slows down also, and losing weight gets harder. This thought or belief is actually unfounded, and some experts are looking into the fact that when people grow older, they reduce their physical activities, therefore dropping their metabolism also, unlike when they were younger and physically active, even participating in sports.

The ideal waistline for men is up to 35 inches, while women should have not more than 32 inches. If your waistline exceeds the healthy limit, you should consider applying effective fat loss exercises to reduce your belly fat, in order to avoid the first health risk which is diabetes. Make it a priority to get answers to free yourself of this problem. What's more, our health seems more precious after we lose it.

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